Is Against Overwhelming Odds removed?


I hope not. It got me into PvP, and was nice to have a quest that focused our efforts. The gear wasn’t even the point. I’d gladly do it for lesser gear. If it’s gone, WM back off.

(Hankypanky) #2

I don’t understand. You can still be in WM. Why can’t you if you don’t care about the gear?

(Mekgrim) #3

Whelp, there wont be very many alliance with wm on this week, so dont fret. You’ll most likely get it back next week.

Have to keep you all incentivized with raid quality loot each week for you to have wm on. We all no tge majority of the alliance didnt turn on wm with their max level character just for the 30% bonus. It was all about that quest and the loot. I have no doubt you’ll get again next week.


“got me into pvp” omega lul so you only pvp cause free welfare epic…

(Jaszunn) #6

385 is too high, go back down to 370 w/ the conquest reward they added on it. Let it be a form of gearing for fresh 120’s and offer the quest on both factions.

It’s sadly the only actual PvP objective we have in world PvP. It works though, it has people going into warmode on Alliance. Now get the Horde into it as well and watch the bloodbath commence.

(Stormspellz) #10

so it was for the gear (and 30%) not for pvp.

(Noleafclover) #11

My warmode is off for the rest of the expansion, I don’t care if it tips in the horde’s scales for the free loot and increase.

(Canadiana) #12

World quest EM rewards are giving me 385 and that’s not even when they wf. The QQ about alliance getting 400 wouldn’t matter in a couple weeks if players actually played the game rather then whine about such things.


This might mean WM isn’t imbalanced to the point that AOO needs to be an incentive.
Alliance still has the WM buff though.

As soon as alliance players turn WM off, we might see the quest pop up again though.

(Xoja) #14

I think it only appears if one faction has a big disadvantage, and from what I hear the bonus got scaled down to 15% this week so there might be no quest.

But I would think that if you enjoyed PVP you would do it anyway even without the promise of PVE gear. This is the mistake I think they made with WM, I know it won’t happen but I believe the rewards should be PVP-centric and they should bring old PVP itemization back.

(Amine) #15

It will be probably back next week - all the hordies that transferred over have gone back now. Just take a break from pvp this week.

(Matcauthon) #16

It’s the snowball effect. Some alliance don’t find it worth it so they turn wm off, which leads to horde being able to overwhelm those left over again which leads to us bding camped again which leads to frustration which leads to wasted time and turning wm off.

(Sincubus) #17

The first statement does not match the rest.

(Matcauthon) #18

Nope not at all. It’s just frustrating knowing it’s largely going to be overwhelmingly horde favored again. I’m not looking forward to being out there getti nf snowballed.

(Spotti) #19

WM will always have the percentage bonus. The quest will probably pop up often since people will be going back and forth.

I get the thought process of having something to work towards while doing WPVP but if you don’t WPVP just 'cause the gear reward isn’t there then you didn’t really like WPVP to begin with, sorry to say. :sweat_smile:

(Hankypanky) #20

You know, I was going to be petty and say you guys deserve it after how you treated us in WM last week.

But I wont say that because I know it happened to you guys too even though I wasn’t a part of it.

Hopefully they figure out how to handle WM so we can all enjoy it.

(Raspir) #21

but followed up with

Either the gear mattered or it didn’t

(Matcauthon) #22

I can definitely tell you it happened a lot to me.

(Hankypanky) #24

Well, I’m sorry for that. That’s not how WM should be.

(Pheonia) #25

It’s obvious. The gear was everything.