Is a Legendary required for M+?

My alts have rank 6 legendaries, thus the 3 week time line.

I wouldn’t think a legendary is required for anything at all.

This will be easier to do in 9.1.5 when you can keep farming it over and over.

Gonna need them at a certain level of difficulty.

You can farm it over and over???

Here you go!

The part that matters for you:

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Repeatedly completing Wings now awards the full amount of Soul Ash (up from 20% after the first clear).
  • Repeatedly completing Wings now awards the full amount of Soul Cinders (up from none after the first clear).

fair, but my guess is a guy who is considering doing keys without one is fine with a lower rank one.

If I invite someone to a key and see they don’t have one, I’d kick them. there are 40 other dps in the queue who have one.

maybe not a +2, who cares. but when affixes start kicking in, there’s no reason to bring someone who doesn’t have one.

I was not aware one could be gotten so easily. Since you can get the 225 one within a few days, that seems pretty easy to do.

Another strat is to use your main to farm ashes and send the crates to your alts.

Idk if this is the best way, but I have about 5 or 6 toons that I run keys on, and this is my process.

  1. Max Level
  2. AH Blue set (200 for every slot except for weapon, and get a 230 ring). Depending on server, maybe 25k total. This will put your item level at 197, and you can LFR or m0 to get your leggo memory (depending on class).
  3. Run 6 wings of Torghast over 3 weeks. The 190 version of the leggo is basically required, like I mentioned, because classes are designed around them.
  4. Farm keys. This is the fun part. Pick up all your callings every day and just run keys. You eventually fill out all your conduits this way, too.
  5. Once you get comfortable, time to push. If you have the conduits/leggo/soul bind (depending on spec), it’s just time level now. Get comfortable tanking 15s. You’ll live here for a while.
  6. Once you’re pretty solid, take your key and just ride it up and down. This is where you learn the game. 15s on fort week teach you trash mechanics, 15s on tyrannical teach you boss mechanics. Also use this time to run DoS 32 times for the bloodscale.
  7. Now it’s finally extra credit time, probably about week 4 or 5 (maybe longer, depends on how much you play), start pushing for portals at 240+ item level. If you’re not meta, expect to run your own key a lot.

Cooldown actives (not enough time to start a new key, or just want to chill today)

  1. Korthia campaign. You’ll get a few more renown this way and unlock the last systems. Pretty useless, but might as well
  2. Korthia dailies - good if you even transition to raising so you can level up your gems. Not required though, so do it when you feel like it.
  3. Maw dailies. Just need to hit 2500 Stygia before you start using dom gems so you can buy a chisel.
  4. Torghast and assaults. For embers. Again, not super critical, so as much or as little as you can stomach.

Dude thank you!!! this is great!

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Does not compute?

Well you can endlessly farm soul ash now a days (instead of just doing two wings each week), maybe an hour to get a starter one. As anything level 4 or under is cheap as dirt to get the mats, it wouldn’t be a big deal to get a level 1 and then save up for a 4 later one.

Not in the sense that the cloak was required for N’zoth (or Ordos), but players will definitely look down on you for not having one. And some will kick you and have said so in this thread.

I saw a guy in all quest greens and blues with a 225 leggo yesterday, so I’d say pretty soon

Oh well. Thunderfury was a real legendary, along with others of it’s time. Nowadays legendary is just a gimmick, in my opinion. I have the base one just because I did torghast for some quests, lol. I can’t see the point of nitpicking about stuff like that. Takes the fun out of it and I would get burned out fast. I play for recreation, it’s not a job for me, lol. I wish I could have fun doing dungeons in retail but the way mythic works currently doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll probably give the fresh classic a try for that reason even though Id rather be able to play the current game that way.

Ya when it varies from like 15 to 25% of your dps like mine.

This was an amazing reply.

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Keep in mind the easiest thing you get with a Legendary is iLvl. It won’t make a huge difference once 9.1.5 hits, but if you can stand to do it now, you can get it out of the way, and then the Soul Ash for the 262 will be that much easier. Because some people do place importance on iLvl.

Could you elaborate on this? What is changing about legendaries in 9.1.5?