Ion: "We hear you!" Class Design Being Fixed in 9.0?


In the new Developer Insights video, Ion said that they went too far with pruning abilities, and they agree with player feedback.

I think we’re gonna see some good class design in 9.0 y’all.

It’s at 23:10

EDIT: Y’all be doubtin’ them, and I don’t blame you, but it can only get so much worse than it is rn lol

EDIT 2: Bornakk linked the bookmarked time. Thanks to him!:

Is there hope for class design?
Class Feedback Topics for 9.0?
(Sy) #2

It is nice they finally addressed the criticism.

But I’ll wait until 9.0 to see if they actually learned anything.

(Hardwire) #3

Didn’t they say the same thing after WoD, and what we got was more pruning so they could put our abilities on the artifact weapons?

(Dellexi) #4

9.0 is a bit too late.


Better late than never.

(Dellexi) #6

I might be dead by then :cry:

(Alluringdawn) #7

I don’t need more abilities.


I hope you’re not actually srs ;-;

(Autai) #9

I’d like the option of having more abilities.


They literally say this every expansion.


To be fair, BFA is the first expansion where class design was absolutely abysmal.

(Alluringdawn) #12

I like the option of useful abilities.

(Dellexi) #13

Maybe paladins will get 5 new blessings and 2 more judgements a la wotlk.

(Cursewords) #14

I agree with you.

One spell that does 100 damage, or 10 spells that do 10 damage?

Some people just want to feel like they are doing more even if they are doing the same thing.


Quite a few of the legion specs felt pretty hollow until you had your artifact pimped out and proper legos + tier sets. Realistically though there is a class refresh every xpac. Pretty standard practice by blizz.

(Autai) #16

I like utility abilities tbh. That and situational channeling/powerup/debuff ones.

Holy Priest offer probably my favorite spread of abilities in the game.


Fair enough.

The abilities we have right now (in general) are boring, so how bout they make those fun before they even go on to add more stuff.

I don’t think Blizzard understands quality vs. quantity when it comes to any of their content.

“Ooh, more abilities? Oh, they suck.”
“Ooh, more zones? Oh, they suck.”

(Alluringdawn) #18

Gross. I don’t want ancient history pally back unless it’s resto where they didn’t use mana.


That’s fair. I’m not sayin’ that the class design the past few expansions has been great, but I feel like BFA is really where things fell off a cliff.

Like, MoP class design sucked pretty much because of homogenization, but I think it’s just way worse in BFA than it’s ever been.

But yeah, I agree with you all the way.

(Relictor) #20

They don’t need to bring back restrictive Warrior Stances. Bring them back but have them accentuate certain playstyles, not restrict your toolkit. Make them heavily encourage playing in a certain way for the duration that you’re in the stance.