Invoker's Delight Drop Location

Please change the location back to Sanguine Depths for this Leggo. There is ZERO reason to gate the best leggos for a class behind the last bosses of a raid teir. Other classes like hunters, Druids, and DKs get theirs a lot earlier and it should have never been moved to the raid.


Going to be a non-issue in a few weeks when LFR opens up, but I agree.

I am unsure if Blizzard intended Invoker’s to be BIS to the point that having something like Capacitor or Keefer’s instead would feel awful and induce FOMO.


just pug it

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WW monks and Havoc DHs got kinda shafted on the legendaries drop locations.
Havoc more so since their only two viable legendaries both come from the last 2 bosses, on top of being terrible for single target dps so rarely getting invites to pugs, especially for the last 2 bosses lol.
Meanwhile hunters and mages get all their good leggos from trivial tasks.

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I’ll try to go for it once lfr comes out, but it would be nice to have a chance at sanguine too. Its been a breath of fresh air feeling like I have choices on what content I want to do and where to get things from.

A few weeks? You mean beginning of February

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This mentality needs to stop from Blizzard.
Intentionally funneling people into that raid when they could of just as easily made it drop elsewhere too.

I think having the Runecarver hold those memories and you earn X amount of memory shards from any content you do to unlock that memory would FOR ME feel much better.

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I had thought the same thing until I joined a group the the last 2 bosses on norm and one shot them both.

2nd last boss is the easiest fight of the entire raid. Trust me just do it on norm

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agree that this sucks ze badly

I made the capacitor based on reading the icy veins guide and I dislike it. Adds about 5 percent dps which is underwhelming.

Do you use invokes? Better results?