Invasion Over - Turn In NPCs Gone

Detail about when the invasion would end were a bit confusing. 12/31 was considered the drop dead date, but no clue about time. Seems it just ended mid fight at 5:00 EST. Turn in guys are gone. A fair amount of people were still farming and missed out on turn ins. Any chance turn in npcs could be added back? We’ve been staring at the commendation turn in guys since launch.


Looks like npcs are up in Darnassus for Alliance if anyone comes looking.

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6pm EST and they are still up on Kirtonos

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Hello! We noticed the issue as well, and we’re working right now to put this in a bit of a nicer state through the holiday weekend. While the event is supposed to clean up entirely at this point, we agree its a bit abrupt for anybody that might still have Necrotic Runes to turn in.

We’ve just re-enabled the turn-in NPCs, and will leave them up through the weekend, but when they go away again on Monday, that will be the end, so turn those runes in now!


Can the keeper of the rolls turnin npc come back too? :smiley:

Does this mean we won’t get free candy?

The “candy” distributors are on the same spawn condition, so they’ll be up through the weekend as well. :slight_smile:

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


Is there any particular reason why I can’t interact at all with any quartermaster in any zone? I’m so confused. They’re not clickable for me.

Presents don’t work still on toons that got presents last year. :frowning:


They won’t reply to that issue.

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Goes to show they are aware of it, though.

NJ Blizz. Glad to see tthey’re paying attention

Hey Pazorax,

Any chance you could get Commander Thomas Helleran at Light’s Hope Chapel spawned?

You could have completed several quests, have a bunch of necrotic runes to turn in but if you havnt turned in the pre-quest to Commander Helleran you can’t interact with the turn-in NPC’s.


So that’s what’s going on. I hope to God they spawn this guy before the weekend ends.

They never reply to important issues.

I know it may be a lot but could you also temporarily restore all the special scourge dungeon bosses at least until the end of the week or until Tuesday reset?

I’m asking this because I wanted to get the Staff of Balzaphon from the named mob in Stratholme on my alt Shaman but I couldn’t make it in time because I was focused with the runes farm on my main.

Who knows… Maybe… maybe… like good old henchmen, they were not aware the event outside has ended and are still diligently roaming in there keeping up their evil plans to please their master… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Argent Quartermaster’s quests are gated behind completing Under the Shadow offered by Commander Thomas Helleran. Unfortunately, for those that were not the appropriate level to turn in that quest, they have no access to the reward quests.

Believe it or not, this level 50 Hunter has 2/3 Undead Slaying and is only missing the Gloves from the event. I took the time to grind 50 Necrotic Runes with the hope that I would complete my leveling experience before the event was over. I finished grinding about an hour ago, flew up to Light’s Hope Chapel and then realized the quest giver acting as a pre-req for the reward quests was removed from the game.

I don’t think I can quantify how disappointing that was after grinding from level 29 to level 50 in order to do this only to miss out on it by a handful of hours.

If you could do something to bring back that specific NPC or temporarily remove the pre-req requirement for the reward quests such as Argent Dawn Gloves and Tabard of the Argent Dawn, that would be lovely. I would forever be grateful for the opportunity to 100% this event. (I have 3/3 Plate, Cloth, and Leather. And if this doesn’t get fixed, I’ll be stuck with 2/3 Mail forever.)


Please consider adding back Commander Thomas Helleran! The turn ins are gated behind his prequest!


pls tbc 10char

Ya do the thing bliz!

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