<Intrusive Thoughts> [A] Benediction - Hardcore PVEVP Guild 17/17 Day 1

All the 39 Twinks have completed AGMs… Recruiting still open!

Still looking to flesh out the team with a few Warlocks and other ranged classes!

Super active guild to join and kill ALL Wrath content with!

Still looking to fill out the last few ranged dps spots!

Intrustive Thoughts DKs inc.

Active guild community! We have players levelling together, making twinks to kill the time until prepatch, grinding honor cap, bg marks etc!

heya, Xaphus here. still looking for my tanking partner feel free to reach out to me.


I sent Siktrix an invite on discord, pending. Quick info about me, I am a previous hardcore Feral Druid player during WoTLK / Cata. I’ve been in 2600+ arena rankings in 3v3 several times and completed several achievements in hardmode raid on lich king. Looking to relive this era to its fullest and join a competitive guild.

You can see my old profile here: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/blackwater-raiders/barind

Thanks for getting in touch Barind!. Still looking for some casters!

still looking for my tanking partner feel free to reach out to me.

Still looking for shadow, boomkin, aff locks, and one rogue!

A good ol thread bump. Alliance seems great, join up!

Do you have an open spot for Holy Paladin in 25m for wrath? I can boost one if you do :slight_smile:

looking for a couple more classes message us if youre interested

Team is looking strong for Wrath. Still looking for Shadow/boomkin/warlocks!

LF casters specifically: Lock/Spriest/Boomkin.

Still ISO casters! Wizards please reach out!

still seeking a select few

The few, the proud, the Stormwind Marines.

still seeking a few others.

Seeking gamers!