Introducing the World of Warcraft Community Council

We already know who the best candidate is.


The form to signup actually has a lot of different options for how you enjoy the game. Lore enthusiasts, casuals, collectors, hardcores, everyone looks like they will be included. It seems very open, which is nice.


So they are going to have some new forums in which Blizz staff will communicate with players. Or they could just MODERATE our current forums and do that now.


this is a good idea. We need really need someone who can represent the gaming community and speak out with issue with this game.


pretty sure that’s what they will do sadly, I hope not

I’m eager to see what comes of this. If I were decent at giving feedback, I might apply, but as it stands I’m terrible at explaining my thoughts.

There spiel and promo video do bring up multiple playstyles and wanting them to be represented. So I don’t know that harping on that repeatedly does much here. They maintain that’s what they intend to do already.

You’re not exactly going to convince them to do what they already plan :wink:

We’re just left with seeing if they follow through on that goal or not. I’d also tack on hoping they have reps for each class. I didn’t see them mention that, and no idea what they have on their application as yeah, I ain’t volunteering for this.

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People with no proper feedback doesn’t give any help to the devs


I decided to take a look, and I’m copying the list of who they’re looking for here:

Raiding (Organized and LFR)


PvP (Rating and Unrated)



Ranged DPS

Melee DPS

Class Theorycrafting

Collections (Transmog, Mounts, etc.)


Playing Alts


Pet Battles

Guild Officer/Leader


Support (Technical, Customer Support, etc.)

Forums (Official WoW Forums, Reddit, etc.)



Story and Lore


Then they ask the player to describe if they are “Casual” “Hardcore” or “Cutting Edge”.


So casual is automatically declined imo


They also ask the question “How many hours do you play”.

I consider myself casual (only looking for AOTC each raid tier) but I can genuinely say I play more than 20 hours in a week.


Wait isnt this covered by uh the normal forums?


I’m thinking this is a different forum type with fewer people and a little easier to curate and control, not the millions of people that can just log into this forum with a random account.

The last question is RIP for 99.9% of the forum users.

From this I can only see Youtobers and streamers being in this council.

Again giving the power to wrong people.


Exactly what I was saying. If you’re not some sort of content creator or forum MVP, it makes it sound like you won’t be considered.


I’d be kind of curious to see the demographics breakdown of their Community Council(…how many are checking “Tanking” not…their sex/religion demographics :expressionless: ).

And the size of things, how many people will be involved because that’s actually a heck of a lot of categories. I’m surprised at the amount really.

Not sure what an “Achievements” playstyle actually is or brings to the table. I kind of think it’d be neat to be able to buy/unlock things with achievement point amounts though.

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This isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, what we’ve seen when similar things have been done (the “secret” section of the forums) is that the development team ignores it or only posts sheer arrogance and doesn’t actively take negative feedback to consideration.

However, if this is to change I think it’s important blizzard look to promote community members from all aspects of the game. Casual players interested in world content, raiders, m+ers, battle pet players, etc. and not just streamers who don’t necessarily represent the community’s interest at all. Because this game is seriously lacking right now for all players that are not people looking to do mythic raiding - which in itself is a very outdated game model.


I will not apply for that council because if I was on it, I would say, NO MORE TURTLE QUESTS!

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This is good news…at least Blizzard is being open and upfront that they want to foster a community of special people who get to have a more direct line to the devs and decision makers of the game instead of keep it a secret and actually pretend the wishes and expectations of the community at large matter.

The only real question is how many token “casuals” are you going to let in but really pay not one iota of mind to while you feverishly listen to every word of the no life mythic raiding tryhard everyone knows actually calls the shots and is the pet child of the decision makers?


I dunno. You guys don’t have the best track record of promoting people from the community. I remember having a bit of a conversation with a green poster on here because she thought it was hilarious to name her hunter pets with Covid jokes. So, yeah, hope you do better with this.

I’d apply myself but I’m way too salty about the state of the game and the company at this point. Also, I’m kinda lazy.