Intro to Dragonriding in the Dragonflight Beta

Greetings Dragonriders!

Welcome to the Dragonflight beta. In previous expansion launches, movement options were limited mostly to ground movement. We’re hoping for Dragonflight beta you’ll help us test a new option, unlocked in level-up questing. This option is one of the new features coming in this expansion, Dragonriding, and we wanted to take a moment to prepare you with some details in this early stage of testing.

As you may have seen in our testing plans, the first zone that will be available in the alpha will be the Azure Span which is intended to be a later zone in the final product. The current plan is for characters to earn the Renewed Proto-Drake and Windborne Velocidrake in The Waking Shores and Ohn’ahran Plains – both of which are earlier leveling zones – so characters will see these options on their hotbar and they can be used right away.

Here at the beginning of the alpha test, since characters will be jumping in after any tutorials that lay out the basic controls, we wanted to get everybody caught up:

  • Dragonriding is only usable in the Dragon Isles
  • While riding a Dragonriding mount and falling from a high location, your Dragon Isle drake extends its wings and propels you both forward.
    • Another option is to double jump, which launches you upward at the cost of Vigor (details on this resource are below).
  • Pointing yourself downward grants more momentum and you can even out your direction to transfer that momentum forward.
    • Pointing yourself upward slows you down – when at your slowest, you will start to fall slowly down and forward toward the ground.
  • While Dragonriding, you’ll have access to 2 abilities (with a third ability being earned in the Azure Span) and they each cost 1 Vigor.
    • One ability is Surge Forward, which sends you forward.
    • The second ability is Skyward Ascent, which sends you upward.
  • Vigor is the Dragonriding resource.
    • Dragonriders start with 3 Vigor maximum.
    • While not Dragonriding, you’ll slowly recharge Vigor.
    • While Dragonriding at high speeds, you’ll recharge Vigor while in the sky – you will see a blue glow when this is active.
    • In later builds, account-wide progression will enable you to increase the regeneration speed and maximum Vigor.

Many other aspects of Dragonriding are still in progress, so keep an eye out for updates as the alpha progresses, but here are some quick notes for what is to come:

  • You can get an early preview of customization for the Highland Drake. This is earned through story questing and located Northwest of Theron’s Watch.
    • Only a select group of options are currently available; there are more to come.
    • If you find a Drakewatcher Manuscript, you can use that to unlock new options.
  • If you want to test your Dragonriding skills, you’ll see Bronze Timekeepers throughout the Azure Span that give you time trials.

There are a few known issues that you can expect to experience with the start of the alpha:

  • Dragon Isle Drakes don’t currently launch from water.
  • Dragon Isle Drakes block non-dragonriding spells and interaction behaviors – dismounting resolves this.
  • Time Trials scoreboards don’t show values for the first display.
  • Keyboard controls are not complete, with pitch keys not accurately moving the player or their camera.
  • Other player’s Dragon Isle Drakes may visually pop while in-flight.

Once you’ve tested Dragonriding, please post your feedback here.

Thanks for your time and we’ll see you in the Dragon Isles!