Intro Quests - Stranger in an Even Stranger Land bug?

So, I was finishing the intro story escaping The Maw this morning on a new template mage and was teleported to Oribos for the first time. I had the quest “Stranger in an Even Stranger Land” where you need to talk to the two guards who escorts you over to where Tal-Inara is located… However, I could not see those guards, they disappeared/phased away. I tried reloading the UI - didnt work, so I reloaded the game. When I came back in the Quest was auto removed from my quest log and the quest Tal-Inara’s Call was added. This took me to the same area and is making me actually choose a covenant… Instead of getting to actually level and go through all the zones to try out the covenants. Pretty crazy bug considering the mage is still level 51 and hasnt done any questing in any of the zones yet :slight_smile: Have I missed a patch note change? lol


This appears to be broken again. As an alt, I landed in Oribos after the Maw. I auto received the quest Stranger in an Even Stranger Land, but there is no one to talk to/communicate with. Unable to proceed.


Must have broken in the past hour if it is indeed broken, I did it about an hour or so ago just fine.

Can confirm this is currently broken, Alliance both WM and WM off. Can’t proceed. Tried logging, clearing cache, leaving and coming back. No luck.


Broken for me and my copied alt atm… nothing happens, logged, exited, WM etc… how can a core quest go down?

Because its beta, new builds can break numerous things.

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Do you already have a level 60 toon? The sequence to force a covenant selection on alts after you hit 60 on your first toon has been going through a lot of changes lately. I think I’m going to get 3-4 toons through the maw once it goes live so I can level them normally.