Interest Check: Story Night (H) RP Event

Hi folks!

I wanted to check if there was -any- interest for a “sometime soon” Horde Story Time RP event that folks would like to hang out and hopefully enjoy based on my old story nights.

If there is a good reception to this and it actually gets traction, I’ll see about putting something together soon.

For those new/unawares/or just curious:

It’s a open to all RP event that’s basically Horde players getting together in character and sharing their tales, stories, and experiences around a campfire. It normally lasts 30 minutes to an hour depending on the crowd. Shaw (me) will tell a story or three after greetings and during the event, ask if anyone has a tale to tell, and then at the end it’s open RP mingling.

I try to make it a simple rp gathering designed to be new RPer friendly and no pressure.

Can’t RP but curious? No probllama! Sit in and hang out. :slight_smile:

Very simple guidelines - respect each other, keep the content within the game’s guidelines of taste/conduct, and have fun.

I know it’s been awhile, but let me know what you think. 8hugs*



Shared with the guild, two former Hordies are already super excited, told them to pop in here and wave.

hell yes. i miss Shaw’s story nights

I’d be all on that, had a heavy RP guild back on Wyrmrest and been missing that fun on Horde side. I’m 100% on board.

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I’ve got a few Horde characters that I’d love to show up on. Any plans for once the leveling frenzy is over?

I know it’s been months but if you are still doing this I’d love to come listen.
We used to have a guy on another server I was on, he would come on and do a storytime kind of thing in trade chat (not as big a deal as you would assume since the trade chat there was always a ghost town anyway).
it went on for months and people would actually stop what they were doing and sit and listen to his great stories.

Then of course a couple guilds got tired of him and mass reported him into oblivion.

Anyway… I would love to come and listen,i’m not much of a RPer but i do love a good story.

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