Interacting over trade chat with different layers?

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Something that has happened to me on retail is I look for an enchanter over trade chat and they tell me to meet them infront of the AH.

I go there, look for them, and cannot see them. We than have to group up inorder to complete the transaction. This is something that might occur in classic Phase 1.

Also, Blizzard needs to be transparent on exactly how big each layer is. If the cap for a new layer is 3000, what happens when the 3001st player logs in? Does he get his own layer to himself? Or do you just instantly teleport 1000 players from layer 1 to compensate? That would be strange.


It would be pretty sweet to have a layer all to myself so I get all the black lotus and Devilsaur leather. :sunglasses:


Only way I’d be accepting of layering is if they let you choose which layer you’re on, and you can’t interact with people in other layers. Also, they could call them realms instead of layers. Sounds better.


I’d suspect the layers stop allowing new logins at a certain point which is lower than capacity, so that players already in the game do not encounter an “over capacity” issue.

While they’re in between a “full layer” where new logins are not allowed but not enough people exist to populate a new layer. A server realm-queue will be put in place. Once that queue reaches a certain number of players, a new “layer” then gets spawned.

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So in that circumstance, you could theoretically be 1000th in the server queue, but than instantly get a log in to the character screen. You would than be aware that you would be in a new shard and go after those Black Lotus spawns instantly right? So rather than log into a persistent world, you would log into a completely new one, untouched.


Every enchanter I have ever had dealings with invited me to group.

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I would be surprised if the layering system lasted all of phase 1. It is literally only there to make the servers playable until the servers calm down. I don’t imagine everyone can just put their lives on hold for months to keep the servers clogged to the brim. after the 2-3 week mark you will see a big drop off and i certainly don’t see hordes of players having multiple months off to just sit and play WoW.


I know its hard to believe but the game was actually that much fun to play that people would continue to play even after a few months. Its not BFA we are talking about Mr. 120

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Not arguing people don’t want to lol, ofc i want to want to play classic for months on end. Be realistically there is only a small percentage of the playerbase that can take time away from work/school/family/responsibilities on such a massive scale just to play video games.

Props to you if you live in your mums basement and she gives you free food… but I got a roof to keep over my head and food to put on the table.


I think you might be projecting a little. Not everyone falls into this category of player. I think there will be a lot of new players to the game that will have that time, or won’t and will throw their lives away like i did. Great stuff. Also you are 100% right. I do live at home, but my mom doesn’t have a basement. I thought you would know that much, since you know so much else about me. I don’t think the game should be designed around your time commitments to other things any more than it should be for me or for the next, Tom, Dick, and Harry. The game serves a different audience of player. You might need to reevaluate what seat you sit in.

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They should just remove devilsaur and black lotus until layering is removed, or multiply respawn time by the number of layers.

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I have no idea where this tangent is going. I initially stated that I would be surprised if the layering system would last so long because the majority of players that play wow are generally at the age where they are working or have daily commitments (be it school or university) and therefore the population spikes should die down over a months time to the point that layering isn’t necessary because there are not enough daily users to justify it.

To which you replied that there are people who have played the game for months on end.

I then responded by saying yes, there are plenty of people who “want/will” to be able to do that. But realistically they make up a relatively small percentage of the players that log in. Therefore, because the majority of people are going to have life commitments many servers are unlikely to be clogged with so many players that they need to keep the layering active and can instead collapse the layers to form a single server.

I understand that there will be those players (new or old) that will do that yes… but I just find it hard to believe that they make up a significant portion of the total playerbase.


See. Right there. That is where we disagree. I think we will just need to wait and see how server populations go, but I have a feeling that it won’t be so barren as you make it out to be. Take a game like Doom for example. That game, when it first came out, ate up people’s time whether people wanted it to or not. I think there is a real hunger for Classic that most people simply do not realize exists.

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Well if your right, i would be pleasently suprised :grin:.

(Livinshadow) #15

300 people maybe. If they handle layering like sharding I would expect it to be a few hundred.

If they are adding layering to please the complainers that want few people in the same server perhaps 30 per starting area at first then raise the layer areas up over time or combine them.


In the streamer interviews, the devs explicitly said 1,000 players trying to quest in the same (starter) zone is an expected, and desired, outcome with layering.