Insurrection is recruiting

Hello all, Insurrection is building a raid team for Shadowlands and is looking for healers and ranged/melee dps. Raid nights will be Friday and Saturday from 8-11pm EST also Monday 8-10 EST.
We have nightly mythic + groups as well! If you’re interested leave a response here or in game at Gluttony, Solitude, or Dagzul.


If you’ve been looking for a steady group and are ready to have some fun, come join us! :slight_smile:

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Looking for a healer Priest or Monk preferred. Still need ranged and melee dps! Don’t be shy step on up and secure your spot for our Shadowlands raid team!

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Update: Need a healer - Priest/Monk preferred. DPS - looking for a Lock, Boomkin, Shadowpriest, DH, Rogue, Hunter. Other classes will be considered! Thank you!

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LF Monk heals, Warlock, Shadow Priest, Rouge. Other classes will be considered.

Still looking for a monk, afflication warlock and rogue. Other classes will be considered. Come join us for Shadowlands!

Looking for a Resto Druid, Warlock, and either Windwalker or Mistweaver Monk.
As always other classes will be considered.
Mythic + open to all.

Still looking for a Warlock and a Monk - either Mistweaver or Windwalker.

Need a few dps. Ranged preferred but will consider melee.