Instead of Turning Women Into Fruits

The art team doesn’t deal with that stuff.

I like the title. ROFL. I laughed so hard that I spilled my coffee.

I want that idiot gnome from the other thread to turn into fruit. ROFL. Let’s see how she would react if she gets what she wished for.

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Apple frost mage op nerf plz

There’s a quest in Ashenvale that spawns an invisible mob that will keep hitting you until you die. This has been going on for almost 5+ years now.

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There is nothing more dangerous to our nation’s youth than the female form. You’re not even supposed to be playing BFD, anyway.

Not sure how you could be keeping up with the 9.1.5 development notes and still think the devs just redid two paintings and went, “Well, we’re done!”

If woman are Fruits that makes men vegetables.

New gender selection.

Vegetable(Male) or Fruit(Female).

Just wait until they change the name to Jana Proudmoore.

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Vajana Proudmoore. Doesnt sound good. Vajaina Proudmoore sounds awesome. Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina, Vajaina,… Sounds like a kid, huh? To everyone… just grow up.

we’ll never see new content - they’ll be stuck in a stunlock “fixing” all these dad jokes and innuendos :wink:

it’ll never end lol - 17 years worth of it to “clean” lol

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Then perhaps the dollars spent on the art team could be better spent hiring people to fix the game. I wouldn’t call the person who made the change to the picture of the lady an artist. They made the lady look terrible. I’m not a fan of this going back to the 1690’s just because there were some creeps in their company.

There are actually meaningful things which they COULD be spending resources on instead of virtue signaling and demonizing the female body.

Too Late. Demonizing the female body is in the next update. Blizzard doesn’t know how to fix SL’s so the only patch they can make is to insult female bodies by turning them into a bowl of fruit.

I completely agree. That woman went from a powerful figure to a crappily drawn meek figure with a more masculine face.

It’s like telling women they can’t be strong and must look almost gender neutral.


(Had to take out the tag line due to language. lol)


You going to be a grape or a apple?

Undecided: Tomato ?

Surprise no one is rolling broccoli.

No one likes broccoli, pretty sure that is in the Constitution.

Grape! I love purple.