Instead of nerf racial abilities for old content...bring update to old races

“The result is that Dracthyr have a drastic efficiency advantage over characters of other races when doing non-Dragon Isles content, whether that’s Chromie Time quests, clearing old raids for transmog, pet battling, etc.”

We can do the same argument that Vulpera’s camp is actually better that Soar for Old content, I used Vulpera’s racial at World Bosses spawn, gaining a second Hearthstone it’s really a great advantage for world content even more if it can be set up anywhere.

However, there’s other races that have racial abilities that doesn’t provide too much use, So why design a fun racial for world content if you’ve to nerf it because other players will feel impacted, maybe Devs should add new racials to old races.

There’s several races only with racials that impact combat or professions, almost all OG races have racials related to those 2 factors and not the world compared to Goblin personal bank / vendor discounts, Pandaren with less falling damage, Nightborne can summon a mail box, Maghar Orc has faster mounts outdoors, Vulpera has a camp anywhere and 8 bag slots…etc

All these racials are related to a RPG element within the game, so Blizzard should left them like this with some races with more convenient tools or try to add better racials for races that doesn’t have anything good.

EDIT: Undead new racial, Choose a graveyard in the world and make it a second hearthstone…


Yeah think Goblin like really needs some changes tbh with those racials

which i do not understand this now if anything the running wild and the druids travel forms would not have worked in the maw till a later date or get the mount but it was ok

but the soar fun spotted

So because Dracthyr can’t traverse old world content more easily once every 5 minutes it needs to be nerfed?

That’s a pretty flimsy explanation

Orc new racial

Get to do that giant jump like the Hulk does to any friendly town in the same zone

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