Instance cap in TBC

First off, sorry if this is a repost of someone else’s question,

I couldn’t see a clear answer on if blizzard has commented on if the instance cap will be continuing on into TBC or if it will be removed.

I know lots of people are talking about “just quest” or “just do arena when you 70” my main thing is I just want to know if blizzard has taken a stand/answered this question in any way.

Happy to entertain trolling if that’s what you live for, I have a leveling team and have a plan for back to back dungeons to get to 70 but im sure i could rework it to include a 30 dungeon lockout perday.

Have fun all!

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dont think they’ve addressed it at all

I dont think blizzard have talked about it yet. Personally i dont think many people would hit 30 on the first day or two due to queue times and disconnects. The sheer volume of players inside instances im sure would cause servers to crash. Launch day will be insanity with most people flooding into ramps, blood furnace etc.
In any case im sure they’ll lift the restriction for a little while.

Blizzard has said nothing on the subject.

I, like probably most people who are telling you to do things other than plan to go to the same dungeon more than 30 times per day, am inclined to read silence as “the status quo will remain.”

If leveling is what you are concerned about, you don’t need to be. The limit is that you can’t go to the same dungeon more than 30 times in a day, not that you can’t go to more than 30 dungeons per day. If your “leveling plan” includes running Hellfire Ramparts 30 times, in one day or ever, before moving on to the Blood Furnace (running Blood Furnace 30 times before moving on to the Slave Pens…etc.), then it is a particularly inefficient leveling plan that involves spending the bulk of your time in dungeons which are really easy because you outlevel them, and so it should be revised.

Hellfire x1
Furnace x 4/5
and all other dungeons at like 5 - 6 ea

Looks like I was wrong; New Instance Limit in WoW Classic says it is 30 unique dungeons. Well that’s inconvenient.

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It doesn’t seem they will address the instance limit for TBC

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