< Insomnia> is recruiting for Shadowlands

Let’s get pumped for Shadowlands!

Who we are: We are an 18+ guild looking to make clear and meaningful progression towards cutting edge. We view ourselves as a semi-hardcore guild on a casual schedule. What does this mean? This means we hold ourselves accountable, come prepared, respect each other’s time, and kill some pixelated bosses for some good loot.

We are a newly formed guild, whose members are 10/12M Nyalotha but are taking a break from mythic raiding for the remainder of BFA, but will be doing M+ until Shadowlands!

Shadowlands Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8 PM EST- 11 PM EST

While our raid roster is full we are always willing to talk to anyone interested!

We are looking for like-minded individuals who want to log into the game more than just on raid days or chore days.

While we are more raid focused we do have a high focus on mythic + push. So if raiding isn’t your thing, but mythic + is and you like the sound of our guild, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Contact any of our council members below for more information:

Raearia#1312 (Missbubbles in-game)

Rocin#1569 (Rocinp in-game)

Elko#11161 (Koala in-game)

Spazcat#1186 (Spazcat in game)

Yea pretty chill hit us up if you want

Beta starts this week, who got in?

NO beta Club rip but we have Minecraft tell SL I guess

I’m so ready for SL to come out!

no BETA no raid test :frowning:

Same here!

why blizz why

Same here! Bump!!

Koala priests are looking decent for SL, don’t ya think?

Yea for work!

How is work going today?

I think Koala priests are always looking good. ^_~*

Yes I love me some Koala priest!

Hi Koala! Ready for Shadowlands?

Bets on release?

Hey! MW main/healer here looking for a new guild. Been on a break from raiding for a few tiers but looking to get back into it. Still been playing the game with pvp, m+, and alts but miss having a raiding guild. My logs aren’t really current but I have experience as an officer and healer officer. I’m willing to play whatever is needed but Monk has been my main since MoP. I can play ranged or melee if you’re looking for dps. Looking forward to talking with you all more!
bnet: Bushnikov#1977
discord: Vokinsu#5546

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Bets on release for November!!

December is my guess

Koala bump!