Insanely clear Blizzard does not care about the Classic community at all

Knowing what Activision is and what it isn’t… WoW Classic is all I ask. Simply let us enjoy it, with the occasional fresh server. I don’t need new content, but I do want a clean slate after it runs its course.


Honestly blizzard’s pipeline after D4 looks abysmal. I’m guessing an SoM2 possibly being tied to hardcore is likely in the fall this year. It looks like they’re content having people who want traditional classic just play era instead of the FRESH that we hope for.

A classic+ just isn’t happening either imo to the changes-extent that some people are hoping for, but hey maybe they’ll surprise us.

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Bro you are a straight up addict, this game must consume every waking thought of yours.


They’re about to announce something between now and patch 10.1 on retail, most likely next season of xxx and hardcore server support for classic era (datamined). The 10.1 is the biggest content patch for retail and after that their next cycle will be classic (era and wotlk).

You have no idea

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Is it abandonware then?
How serious is M$ about protecting IP rights?

Era is fine. You’re specifically talking about the possibility of a fresh/reboot of the original game, correct?

As others have stated, seasonal announcement will probably be taking a backseat at the moment so they can focus on D4 then retail Wow. If you believe “leaks” then Q4 of 2023 is the likely drop date for the next seasonal.

They had an announcement in the Wrath Classic forum about the bot situation that addressed a lot of posted concerns recently.

I get it. I feel it would be better to get information and updates more frequently.
But that’s been a beef for a very, very long time.
Maybe the fact that people are continuing to pay subscriptions tells them that many are okay with the communication situation. The players using the forum are a miniscule amount when compared with the entire player base. Maybe those of us here are just the gadflies.


It’s honestly a joke. Aggrend could literally enter any random discord and say, “we are/aren’t working on som and will have news at some stage”, it would take him literally 10 seconds and appease the community. But they aren’t willing to give us 10 seconds of their time. So maybe they haven’t made their mind up, or, as the OP stated, they just couldn’t care less.


If you played wotlk you would know by now this almost did nothing.

Fun fact. There was roughly 400k raiders logging at the time of the ban of 120k bots

Literally 1 in 5 lol. GG blizz.

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I find it to be more of a case of people having unrealistic expectations. It would be nice if they communicated, they are not beholden to do so.


I think the question isn’t if he can or can’t but if he should. I’ll quote the messages he posted on the Classic Era discord below for clarity.

i’ll preface this by saying, this is a generalized statement about why sometimes announcements or info on future releases comes what you might think of as “late”
the problem with communicating super early is that in the development process, a lot of things change. communicating half baked ideas or things that are likely to change is pretty likely to set incorrect expectations for what is coming. Additionally, there’s risk when doing any kind of feature or game development. Things may not go according to plan, or may end up taking longer than even your best estimates. When that happens, it sets players and the devs up for dissapointment.

I think a good example of this I can give is the announcement I made around being able to move your characters from SoM to wrath. We wanted to let people know well ahead of time that was coming so they could plan, but it ended up taking us a while to develop the tech for (its actually really complex and unprecendented to allow you to move between “regions” which is effectively what Era/SoM and Wrath were; separate regions) and it didn’t come with wrath pre-patch. I think if I had that to do over again, I’d have wanted to be a bit more sure about when exactly that would have been ready before announcing it, or at least having been more clear that it might not be ready by wrath ship.

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Eh, I don’t really agree with that if he simply said something like, we are in the very early stages of planning a new season and have no release date currently, or at the current time we are not planning a fresh realm. Just a nod in either direction that either let’s people know whether or not the game is actually coming or not. It’s not setting the playerbase us for disappointment, it’s a minor communication to the playerbase so they can determine what they want to do.

I’m sure there are a lot of players who might be hesitant to play on era with the feeling that a new realm might be on the horizon, but it they were told whether simply a server was coming or not they can make a decision.

It’s definitely about looks and PR not about time. They think it’s better PR wise to say nothing rather than tell us they’re not doing fresh or whatever else.

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He kind of has though and that’s the point you cant be specific when you dont have details, or dont want those details to be wrong and cause backlash from every revved up dude on the forums like you ready to snap at any blue post.

Thanks a lot for reposting his comments. It might be really helpful for some folks to read it. The example he gave regarding the change to the original plan for SoM characters was a good one. It confirms a facet of what Corpse pointed out:

But that’s for both parties and it was pleasant to see that Aggrend acknowledged that.
They seem to be very careful (or try to be) about what they say. In the case of the most recent blue post in the Wrath Classic forum, they somewhat oddly use the phrase in the first paragraph “the World of Warcraft ecosystem”. That could encompass every iteration of the game including retail. The post goes on immediately to state it does include “both Wrath of the Lich King Classic and Classic Era” so while the DK changes are really only relevant for Wrath Classic, the ban wave of ~120K may very well include all versions of the game based on the verbiage.

My concern is that they keep their cards too close to the vest when a bit of clarity might be helpful to keep up the goodwill. But there’s overreactions to everything in the forum. So I find I gotta agree with Corpse again:

I am currently satisfied with what I am doing in game but I realize others may not be.
Hopefully there is patience or Blizz finds they can say something without giving away too much.

He hasn’t at all. You think an incredibly vague discord chat trying to dance around actually talking about som whilst people are directly asking him for news means anything? :joy::joy::joy: You always astound me with how intelligent you are.

This is my point of view, I believe a simple nod in either direction would atleast appease the people wanting the game for now. As I’ve also stated, no knowledge of what they are planning needs to be dropped either.

But to be fair, blizz does constantly show they could care less about the classic playerbase, so I guess I shouldn’t expect goodwill and the shills like charginchuck can keep giving blizz the 2 thumbs up and a big smile while they repeatedly spit in his face.

Makes no difference. If there’s anything to take away from his statement is that for whatever reason the next season is in early development.

It appears that you’re struggling with understanding what Classic WoW really is. Era is basically a museum piece. I wouldn’t expect any significant changes outside of exploit/bug fixes. Those will be announced when they need to be announced. WotLK is still progressing, and we get Blue Posts whenever they’re ready to announce changes, fixes or updates. What else would they need to communicate? It’s an old game.

SoM2 seems to be speculative from the community standpoint. Blizzard hasn’t said much about what they plan to do with it. An announcement will come when they’re ready.

I believe that Classic+ is a term created by the community, and not Blizzard… Who knows where that’ll go. That being said, it’s not worth getting yourself all worked up over community speculation.


No one cares for Classic+ besides private server players. If you are so upset about the lack of attention you are getting on classic then leave.

It shouldnt be surprising with how toxic classic is that blizzard doesnt " care " about it. Private server mains ruined classic from the beginning. You did it yourselves.

And how do you know that the next season is in development? Who told you that? Or are you just making assumptions based off of nothing at all?

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