Insane Fun! [H][Barthilas] <Chimpin Out> Recruiting Oce

Chimpin Out is recently formed guild, getting at least AOTC in the last 2 seasons and growing for Mythic raid and more groups for high keys.
Our core is a group of players who have played together for multiple tiers prior, always obtaining at least AOTC and some Mythic, 3-6. Leadership roles are filled but are open to individuals who may want to challenge themselves and help out on another level. We are looking to finish AOTC and put it on farm and have multiple KSM M+ teams, and Rated BG’s for fun, with strong players looking to finish the tier at a fast pace, with a relax schedule.

Raid Times:
Wed 7:30PM - 9:30PM Server Time
Thurs 7:30PM - 9:30PM Server Time
Raid times start on time, end time is loose, what that means is if we are going well, people have energy and are keen, we will continue to push and have a good time!

Current Prog >> 4/10 Norm VOTI
Going for AOTC then Mythic

What we’re looking for:

Key pushers and some experienced raiders for raid.

Solid class knowledge and talent. This means being able to perform mechanics while doing your role well.

Players who come to raid ready. This means consumables as well as fight knowledge. Know the fights prior to the pull, know what to expect. We are happy to assist and help but please do some research and ask prior so you aren’t showing up completely in the dark.
Feasts supplied in raid

Team oriented players, this means putting the kill before your parse especially on progression.

Positive attitude. We want friendly peeps who want to game, destroy content but also have a good time. Joking around is totally okay, but on progression we want individuals who know how to balance banter and focus, with that being said we are pretty cruisy and focus while joking.

Individuals who play the game outside of raid. This can be multiple different things whether it’s mythic plus, or hitting some arena, we want people that enjoy the game, not raid loggers.

We are looking for mainly more DPS (Rogue, DH, Hunter, Mage, Warlock & any class if you are the beez kneez) backup Heals for raid, and Tanks/Heals for keys.

We understand that life happens, and this is a video game, but if you are securing a specific role/class in raid, please do your best to be on time or tell an Officer if you are going to be late or absent. Remember you have multiple other players relying on you. We want players who are consistent and will stick around :+1:
Contact Information
Discord: Greatboob#8429

Hey i’d be interested for sure. Not 100% on raiding but ill def push keys.