'innocent soul' appearing at random during combat

So I’ve been seeing these ‘innocent soul’ npcs appearing at random while I’m in combat. It can happen anywhere, out in the world, in a raid, or in a dungeon. The soul will be in a cowering pose, it’s hostile, and it will only stay there for a few moments before disappearing. I also have the option to kill it, and if I do there’s this evil laughter I can hear afterwards like faded in the background. I haven’t seen these souls appearing for anyone else, and I haven’t heard anyone talking about it. Is my character going crazy? Am I hallucinating from being in Torghast and the Maw too much? Just a curious thing, wanted to see if anyone else experiences this.

Lol this is hilarious.

There are things in this game that can freak people out. One time I saw a gnome with a different face on. It had black orifices for eyes, and a big black grin. Truly looked evil. When I asked the person what was wrong with his face, he could not even see it on his end.

And another character I had used to barf green liquid every now and then. For no reason whatsoever. No buffs, debuffs, drinks or anything, and across multiple days.

HOLY CRAP! It’s the ghost in the machine! Skynet is going to nuke us all! Terminators are going to kill the survivors! IT’S JUDGMENT DAY!

On a completely unrelated note, I like pie.

Semper Fi! :us:

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Could this be from a trinket? Since you mention it only occurs while in combat, made me think of it.

Though your guild name is apt

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I don’t think my trinkets do it, but I did notice it only happens on the character that still has a haunted memento from back during the pre expac event in Northrend. Maybe the effects are different now?

Interesting. Maybe it’s an easter egg? Possible cool find when paired with the fact you’re carrying the mementos (the fresh maker) with you

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I think I solved the mystery. It is in fact related to a trinket. The trinket is called Whispering Shard of Power. Equip: “A voice whispers to you, periodically compelling you to follow its instructions. If you comply, you will be rewarded with # of your highest secondary stat for 20 seconds.”.
The ‘instructions’ I’m guessing are to murder the innocent soul that appears cowering before you. Kinda dark, but I mean at least you get that tasty stat buff.