Influx of alliance players


understood we have a sudden influx of ally players due to merging with MG and all and I shouldnt complain since warmode is open season but really… they outnumber horde and dont need the 30% buff anymore…

(Baihuai) #2

Please rally your companions together and counter.

I need more Forsaken bits to add to my collection.

(Opherial) #3

Our shard for War Mode has always been merged with Moon Guard, and I believe Emerald Dream and Shadow Council. But yeah it’s been crazy. Went on a tour of Zandalar last night to try and get some guildies their 25 kills and almost every settlement was invaded by full groups of Alliance.

I’m just waiting for the original “Lol Alliance is afraid of War Mode” posters to come back and complain.

(Idun) #4

On GD, they already have.

(Nakhu) #5

Look for a counter group in group finder. There’s a Horde WPPvP community called inc, as well, that puts together raids to kill Ally raids.

(Elouelle) #6

Bring chairs!

(Ursuola) #7

Something, something, PvP solutions for PvP problems, something, something, the Alliance is there waiting for you.


Hmm so that explained why I saw so many ppl abt while I was about to hit 120.
It was nice to see BUT it made the area feel almost over crowded. Yet instead of seeing someone else in crossing every 30 minutes, it was every 2-5.

(Liotuse) #9

death to the alliance