Inflation is in a decent spot rn

Finally, there is peace.



It’s solo shuffle rating or I would

Ah, alrighty then. Can’t help ya there lol

doesnt matter how high inflation is if blade’s edge arena is still in the game

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Is this operating under the assumption the season lasts another 2 months?

Because I could kind of see that, maybe.


and probably 5 weeks

Yeah, timeways had me wondering.

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makes sense
release patch week after blizzcon, season release a week after that gives them enough time theoretically to do rwf before thanksgiving

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Do you think that this season will have as many glads as sl s2?

i think it’ll be close yea

this week we’ll likely see over 2000 people get to 2400 then there’s 4 more weeks following

when the 2 week notice happens activity will triple since most people only really wanna “push” with maximized inflation

when the 2 week notice happened last season 2400 was ladder spot like 714 or something
by the end over 2000 people got glad iirc
almost triple where it was previously in just 2 total weeks

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Interesting take. I hope ur right about this. Im keen to see what happens.

Do you have any metrics or just conjecture?