Inflation is in a decent spot rn

While we all like a super inflated season to push cr, inflation rn is at a decent spot.

IMO this level of inflation should be what they start off with for season 3. Perhaps inflation can be added at a reduce rate throughout the season so we dont get SLS2+++ (not that i would complain kekw).

Anyway, keep inflation going. The next 2ish months are going to be great for queues. GL on ur push everyone.

Too bad the meta/gameplay is absolute trash.


There’s 2000 people at 2400 right now

you express that you don’t want sls2 but as far as rewards go this right now is almost what that was

the only difference is mmr higher than 2700 is stagnate

It’s not as simple as that a lot of those people are alts.
On check pvp I see the last person with 2400 at rank 1810

It’s probably closer to 1200 unique people at 2400 tbh.

I need about 3 more weeks of mmr inflation to get 2100. I’ll be so happy

mans spitting facts right here

i fought aug evokers for 3 hours tonight
aug dh
aug feral
aug ww
aug war
i wish this season was over already
had a warlock do 74% of my hp in 2 choas bolt casts and 1 conflag


and we still have maybe 2 months of this season to go
because 10.2 is dropping after blizcon most likely

Yeah but SL S2 had 8000 people at 2400+, how is 2k comparable when its 4 times lower?


a lot of the people in SLS2 were alts too

idk why people say this

the season ends in 5 weeks

it had 8000 people AFTER post patch when people continued to play (and that was on eu i know the screenshot)

it had 4.xk people at 2400 when the season actually ended and 5 more weeks of this season will be pretty close to that

Accounts with achieve
SLS2 Glad 0.59%
SLS1 Glad 0.43%
DFS1 Elite 0.87%
DFS2 Elite 0.17%

I think we can safely say it’s no where close to what that was.


Stupid metric to track

Shuffle was scaled back super hard intentionally so that elite gap just goes to show how absurdly free 2400 was in it


Can you source this data? I am genuinely curious as im a nerd. All i could find is that r5000 in SL S2 was in around the 2490s. While we can make an educated guess that 8k people achieved 2400 in 3s it would be better to see concrete data.

Is that not reasonable? It was 2 bolts and a conflag and it didn’t even kill you.

0.5720% of tracked accounts have SLS2 glad drake

0.0449% have this seasons glad drake

Over 10x difference is a bit more than what I’d consider close.


If you’re ww or a healer I can help if you’d want.

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yeah but all that dmg connected in .9 seconds because travel time and it did kill me
160k bolt 40k infernal combustion 80-90k conflag and a 180k bolt i died before the 2nd infernal combustion hit me so add another 30-50k to that
your gonna tell me thats balanced
all of this while im while double coil is on me and the other dps and healer in cc i really had sum sick counter play there


Can you please just not post anymore?


I will stop posting if you promise to stop as well



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