INFINITY, a new Guild[A]

Hi everyone.
I’m starting a new guild, because I’m unhappy with how the situation is on the server. Most people are very rude, and it seems there is a very tight clique of players;
on top of it, most spots are taken.

Keep in mind, I have just began recruiting, and it might be a slow start,
that being said I’ll do everything in my power, that we start Raiding as soon as possible.
I’m willing to take everyone who wants to improve or is just learning the game,
and if you make a mistake, then it’s not the end of the world. We all make them sometimes.
Please be a Human being first, Skills will come with time.

My philosophy is this: you can ask everything whether on a guild channel or you can just whisper me, without worrying that I’ll give you crap for asking a simple question.

I personally have not that much experience in Classic, but I’ve been playing it for a couple months now. I’ve been playing WoW on and off, and I was in a great Guild where I was the Main Tank. We had great atmosphere and everyone was friendly to each other. Something I still haven’t encountered on this Server.

Every position is open, and if you are interested, you can just whisper me in game. My toons are:
Cinidaria, a Mage
Cinidara, a Warlock
Inshu, a Hunter
Washira, a Warrior, that is being prepared for Tanking.

Molten Core is very easy, Blackwing Lair, is also not that challenging. In my opinion it is a good place for everyone to hone their Skills.
You can also send me an email at:
My battletag is: entrust#1662

The meta-game in this game is very stiff. With no room to improvise or try new strategies. I’m very open to other’s ideas, so if you have anything interesting to say I encourage you to do so.

I know it is a huge challenge to assemble 40 man group, but I’m no stranger to competitive gaming. At the core, we will aim to excel and play on a high-level.
I was a ranking player in a couple other games, and World of Warcraft doesn’t seem as demanding.
I achieved ranking in DotA2, Warcraft 3 and I was top master in Starcraft 2, but I simply got bored with the game.

The Loot Distribution is this:
You are only allowed to roll on the item you have reserved. There is no Loot Council and, if no one reserved the item, you are free to roll it.
In my eyes, it’s the most fair system, and it allows players to still gear in a timely manner.

That’s it for now.
See you around.