Infernal not stunning

Any ideas why all of the sudden calling infernal would stop stunning? I don’t personally play lock but it’s been happening to my friend since yesterday.

I think there was a nerf to the 4 set stun where it no longer works in pvp combat. Is it in pvp combat?

Yes it’s pvp but it’s not the 4 set infernal, it’s just the regular casted infernal which to my understanding didn’t receive any nerfs

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Could be a DR thing where if they are already stunned or cced x amount of times it doesn’t work.

I don’t pvp all that often so I’m not sure, the arena forums may have a solid answer but sometimes they are a little… um… trolling. lol

yeah it’s not a dr thing, it just straight up isn’t working like 99% of the time :frowning: also his succubus won’t seduce anymore now idk what’s going on lol he boosted the character a few days ago and everything was fine, but since yesterday things have just been super janky