<Infernal> [A] PVE realm TBD (NA US West) (Fresh Guild TBC)

Infernal [A] PVE realm TBD (NA US West) | Sunday/Monday |7:30 PST – 10:30 PST | Loot Council | Semi-Hardcore

Infernal is a newly formed Alliance, NA West, Semi-Hardcore PVE guild forming for the upcoming TBC launch. Our goal is to raid and clear content not as a guild, but as a group of friends.
Raid Times - Sunday/Monday 830 – 1130 MTN, or 730-1030 PST. Tuesdays would likely be added as well for t5/6 progression. Once progression is finished, it would return to a 2 night per week schedule.
Loot System - Loot Council but open to changes as necessary based on how the guild culture evolves.
Recruitment Needs - Ret Paladin, Balance Druid, Arms/Fury Warrior. Exceptional players of every class/spec will be considered.
Expectations – Above all else, you’re expected to be respectful and mature. Flaming is absolutely not allowed and will result in an instant kick. Attendance and a best effort hold the same weight as skill. Attendance meaning when you make a commitment to your guildmates that you follow through. Finally, just have fun. Bring the authentic you and I guarantee you’ll find others who share your interests inside or outside of WoW within . The good thing about being a fresh guild is that there are no cliques, everyone is on a level playing field.

If this sounds like the kind of guild you’d be interested in playing with, please feel free to contact leadership by adding our battletags Carnage#1342, Dravine#11330, Nero#1473.


Hey man, I am a very experienced TBC raider looking for a home for my fury warrior. I know Melee is sub optimal until BT, but I know I can min max and pull my weight. Trying to get in some place early due to the highly competitive position.

<— This character is the warrior im talking about

Yeah, add my battletag and we can chat.

Are you going to be looking at realm population and it being a healthy, thriving place to roll as part of your criteria when deciding on a server?

Added you on bnet. My wife and I are interested in joining.

Absolutely. I’m mostly concerned with playing on a pve server to take away some of the stress that’s associated with pvp servers. I think it’s necessary to do some recruiting and then decide on a server based on the groups interest though.

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I’m with you on the PvE server, that and a decently populated realm would be my two main concerns. Chalk me up as interested.

Add my battletag and we can find a time to talk.

Added you, also interested

Interested for sure. I’ll add you when I get off work. Do you have a spot for a Prot Warrior?

Add my battletag and we can talk!

Hey, I am interested and I am making this post so that I can find this recruitment thread when I return home and have time to talk.

Hello, I am interested in your guild. I’ve sent my friend request.

Bump!!! <3

Come hang out!

TBC HYPE, LETS GO! Come hang out

Sent btag, bump

TBC Hype!! Still looking for more for fill out our raid roster and maybe start a second one!

still need a few more too fill out our first raid team.