Indoor music?

Hi! I’ve been playing WoW since vanilla beta but was very young back then, so my memories might be incorrect or getting mixed up with the expansions. But I have a question about the background music:

Playing Classic now, I’ve noticed that most indoor places out in the world (houses/huts/etc, and Orc rest areas) use cave/dungeon music? Spooky, eerie, droning stuff. I seem to remember the background music being quite distinctive and far less dark, especially for orc inns.

I haven’t gone too far on the Horde size yet so maybe it’s different later on, but Razor Hill’s inn, for example, uses this ‘dark’ music instead of orc-tavern music. And all of the buildings in Elwynn Forest (except the Goldshire Inn) have the dark music as well, which is kind of jarring when transitioning from the Elwynn Forest tracks.

Wondering if this maybe a problem with my game install? Or was I just remembering incorrectly? Thanks much.

I seem to remember that at some point in BC or Wrath the had an update to Inn/Tavern music. I honestly can’t remember at all what it was like before. You may want to try posting in the Classic forum, as you’re more likely to find people there who know a lot more about details like that.

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Oh no, that was my bad. Thought this was the returning player Classic forum. Whoops! Thank you.