Incursions are playable on Living flame for alts. 2 to 1 ally/horde ratio

We all know how ally pvp. They will run for their lives 1v1 but double back the second they see 4 ally coming down the road.

We’re trying to clear out incursions for peoples alts but the ratio is just to heavy in favor of alliance.

Please up the xp gain for quests and dungeons to match Incursions for the horde.


I wonder why warcraft tavern and ironforge disagree on population balance



I still want to do incursions on alts generally. The honored rep gear is great for alts.

Making it better for me to do other quests wont stop me from doing incursions.

I don’t care what the “Raid” logs show its 2 to 1 or worse on our server 100%

Because tavern tracks bot pop/casuals too, if tracks raiders. How is that not apparent?

Tavern is just census data lol

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The once mighty Horde have become degenerate raid loggers.

It’s sad, really.

crusader strike suffer this aswell, and might be worse than living flame. Horde is locked out on every incursion area. 51%/49% my :peach:

I’d do more on my alts if we had Behsten & Slahtz.

Having played through TBCC and LKClassic, the ability to lock my alts’ XP so I can satisfy my completionist (PVE) compulsions is the best part of WoTLK.

Crusader Strike is the same.

Pathetic, garbage pvp alliance sit there day and night.

You are right though, when you see one alone in the wild they ignore you.

I had an instance today on my 45 Shaman in Tanaris. Ran by a 44 Hunter who ignored me as I was running around questing. 3 mins later the hunter started attacking me and what do you know? He had a Priest with him. Trashcan kids. I killed both of them because I got all my runes and Enhance with all the runes is DISGUSTING, plus I bought some blue BOE weapons. They died very quickly. I imagine they cried that Shamans need a nerf afterwards.