Increasing Tank Threat

We’re working on a hotfix today that will cause all tank specializations to now generate additional threat, via increases granted at each of the three Essence slot unlocks.

At each of the three Essence slot unlocks, damage-dealing specializations are gaining an increase in their damage output that is substantial enough to sometimes unintentionally disrupt tanking. This change should keep threat generation, relative to DPS, on par with where it was earlier in the expansion.


Hell Yeah Brother


I like all the threat. Thanks.

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Now Doom won’t die on trash!


Cool fair enough. I have enjoyed the tank threat situation so hope it isn’t just going back to a trivial affair, but do have it happen quite often where i burst as hard as i can and still dont have threat on multiple targets.

Will be interested in seeing how this works out.


How about just giving tanks same damage increases at those spots? We get stamina or less exciting traits for our minors. That’s not exciting. You wouldn’t have to bandaid our threat if our damage also went up with the DPS. The relative damage difference between tank and dps should be same at 370, 400, 430, 455. If the target is n% the damage a dps dealer does, it should stay relative when the tank and the dps are same ilvl, regardless of ilvl is.

remember when they nerfed threat from 700% to 550%
“you want more threat, do more damage”

and now it’s “you can’t do more damage, so here is more threat”. The point of the original threat nerf was to make tank damage matter more, make rotation matter more. Now, you’re literally reverting the threat nerf but attaching it to neck, because you realize tank damage scaling is too broken for that threat nerf to work.


can you make vengeance a real spec while you’re at it


This! Please.

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We have DPS options in those slots as well and I don’t feel tank damage scaling is anywhere bad. Most tank damage on single target is low and on multi-target is high, this is fine.

The issue is mainly in the burst provided by the DPS essences, not the sustained. This should hopefully remedy that.


I guess one less reason to tank on my alts then…


Can i just get blessing of salvation back?

Wings and like 7 divine storm procs in a row never ends too well.

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Why not just boost tank damage which will boost threat? I know this may get some people upset but Blood DK for example have some of the lowest damage output of the tanks by a mile in M+. Besides having some of the worst azerite traits available to a point where just about every generic trait is a better choice. I can’t understand the reasoning behind this. This was a problem in S2 also which is when it should have been addressed. I recall putting in multiple suggestions during S2 for this and saw threads on the forums that went ignored.

Keep it simple. Address some poor azerite traits that are under performing. Give tanks across the board a flat damage increase. Giving tanks additional threat based on unlocks has to be the lamest possible fix for the issue.

This “fix” also does nothing to address issues with tanks that have lower ilvl necks also. So basically if your neck is not 57+ you need not apply as you wont be able to hold aggro. You could be 430 but it literally won’t matter if your neck is not on par with what the DPS in the group have. This change fixes nothing. I would reconsider the direction you guys are taking.

*Edit. Reading the above comments it looks like others agree that this is not the way to “fix” tank threat. Can we get some interaction with the community besides papa Blizzard telling us whats best for all tanks?

Well said.


This isn’t undoing the change. They are adjusting tank threat so our threat generation remains on par with where it was at the start of the expansion.

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This is annoying.

So if I tank with an undergeared under aped alt, Im going to pull natural agro constantly.



Why not just add it to perseverance? or just add more damage with perseverance…

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Alternate plan: Give tanks some more dps essences because the tank ones are largely useless for most of the player base.


Recruit a rogue, they can have tricks up for every pull. If a rogue isn’t using tricks on the tank on each pull, find a new rogue.

I think you’re over-exaggerating.

This fix is really to address the problem with one certain type of dps player, the one who can’t be bothered to give the tank a few seconds on a pull before they blow every one of their dps cooldowns on a pack of trash.

I believe you’d have the same problem even without the threat buff being applied in the fashion the designers are taking, so there really is no change.

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re the derp dps that can’t wait 2 seconds for a tank to get threat before you go bonkers on a trash pack, pull threat, and die then that’s entirely and solely on you and you alone.

As I’ve learned on my 419 DH alt, keybind Shadowmeld and problem solved.

No, if my co tank is under aped I will get agro more than I normally do.

Tank swaps happen more than every 2 minutes.

Tying this threat to the essence slots is a bad idea.


I believe that is what his point is. Due to how much faster dps damage will scale compared to tank damage, they are having to add a threat modifier to keep our threat gen enough to prevent dps from pulling threat consistently.

We shouldn’t need more threat multipliers midway into the expansion if the gear scaling for tank damage was appropriate. But since we are getting them, then the scaling for damage between roles is very skewed in favor of dps gaining faster than tanks, hence why we are slowly losing threat to dps as the expansion goes on.


Nothing about this change is to invalidate the fact that threat should matter and by extension that means when you co-tank a raid, working together matters. Not every tank specialization generates threat at the same pace as the next, so its a give and take and one where you must work together.

My comment about SM was more for Havoc specializations where you tend to have crazy burst windows with Eye Beam, trinket, and essence choices. As a tank, see above.

We shouldn’t, but its where we are.

I brought up in alpha that specific tank specializations have very skewed and too low threat modifiers on their toolkit, ability cooldown, and frequent use compared to other specializations, but that obviously fell on deaf ears.

I’ve never liked the threat-matters game-play as its always been super hard for Blizzard to balance in any meaningful way without either skewing tank damage too far to the extreme or cranking the threat modifiers to the moon and back to account for the disproportionate scaling damage specs get.