Increasing Mythic Keystone Dungeon Rewards

In Battle for Azeroth Season 4, the maximum stats on rewards from Mythic Keystone dungeons will be increasing, with item level continuing to improve up through Mythic 15. Completing a Mythic 15 dungeon in Season 4 will award item level 475 gear in the weekly chest (this is equal to Mythic raid quality), and the maximum end-of-run reward will be iLvl 465.

With this change, we seek to better calibrate rewards to the difficulty of high-end Mythic Keystone dungeons, as well as to ensure that in the absence of the random chance for Warforged/Titanforged gear in Season 4, players still have an opportunity to earn rewards from the Mythic Keystone Dungeon system that are equivalent to high-end raiding and PvP loot.


Hallelujah. I take everything back. Thank you thank you thank you.


Hooray, looks like christmas came early.


This and adding the title and mount reward for m+ are both good changes, good job.


For clarity as a whole, will gear from end of run and weekly chest be able to roll corrupted?

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Yes, it will my dude.


So now you only need +10 for mythic quality weekly reward, and in S4 that same reward suddenly requires +15? Why? This is shame… +15 is much much harder than +10…
What ilvl will weekly chest reward be for +10 in S4?

oh what a shame. you need to do hard content to get good gear


pretty sure you’re getting mythic gear equivalent from a 15 while you get heroic gear equivalent from a 10. they’re basically rewarding players that do above a 10, it’s not a big deal


The math doesn’t currently line up. For Season 3 we had this reward structure:

Level Loot at the end Weekly Chest
2 405 410
3 405 415
4 410 420
5 415 420
6 415 425
7 420 430
8 425 430
9 425 435
10+ 430 440

Assuming like from Season 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 we’re getting a 30 ilvl bump in season 4 the table now looks like this:

Level Loot at the end Weekly Chest
2 435 440
3 435 445
4 440 450
5 445 450
6 445 455
7 450 460
8 455 460
9 455 465
10 460 470
11 ? ?
12 ? ?
13 ? ?
14 ? ?
15 465 475

Are 10-14 equivalent in ilvl? Is the boost lower than 30 ilvls?


They didn’t increase the mob damage scaling though, right?

Will you be raising the bar (again) on the Seed of Vibrant Blooms requirement?

There is no official confirmation on this. The same way that in beta chests were dropping 3 pieces then it went live and was changed. Official blue post confirmation is the only way to be certain.


We don’t know? If they didn’t, then it’s fine. But I bet they increased scaling too…


A +10 does not reward mythic quality ilvl. On live, Mythic raids drop 445 ilvl gear, but the end of week chest drops only 440.

In 8.3, a +10 will continue to drop gear that is 5 ilvl below mythic, just like always. however, you can upgrade it the extra 5 ilvl by doing a +15, and the end of dungeon rewards will continue to scale up to 10 ilvl below mythic at +15, rather than being capped at Heroic ilvl at +10

Take out warforged/titanforged but then introduce another set of RNG, finding people who can actually clear a 15 :confused: If blizz doesn’t scale up the dungeons from s3 to s4 i guess but… if they have the increase to mobs like the transition from s2-s3 this is lame af.


Yes things will certainly be roughly scaled up by 30 ilvl in terms of M+ difficulty.

We really need to see a chart I think lol

" and the maximum end-of-run reward will be iLvl 465." this cant not go live like that, you remove the point of doing HC raids


the general player base can’t do a 15. heroic will be fine


Heroic raids are easier than +15, so this works out.