Increased Arena Rating Cutoff Values

The entire community was in total support of rating req removal. Blizzard decided against it on their own.

We know it’s bad, we know why it’s bad, we know the solution and have known the solution. The only question is how long will it take before it is implemented, and how many people are going to stop playing before it is.


Were they? Every reddit thread I have seen on the topic got downvoted and when I participated in the discussion back in October people were obsessed with shouting me down. Even just recently when someone said the increased rating reqs/lowered title spots was getting them down they got downvoted, harassed with “git gud” and then looks like they deleted their topic.

EDIT: I mean the vocal community. Seems like most of the 65% last season were too shy of being harassed to speak and quietly left.

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Reddit hates the PvP community and always downvote threads about it. Not really a good indicator for response. I play at the high glad level and everyone I interact with is in full agreement that rating requirements are bad in general. Cosmetics, sure.

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My own threads were here. These forums.

They also hate the PvP community. You should see the hate the “BG bot” threads get.

Only about 15% or so of the WoW community engage in any type of PvP at all, so we’re a strong minority for sure


We don’t care about the cutoff value. We worried about the %. I participated every season I played wow and I see higher cutoff numbers.

The issue is the % like folks were talking about above, low % means low arena population and then soon its game for only boost and streamers.

Why the blue post is avoiding the topic here and thinking we all stupid or what?

We need you guys do something to save a big(or not) part of the game

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You all should have come and spoken up! You know Blizzard doesn’t check your in game chat logs and they certainly can’t check discord.

I did, they have a tendency to completely ignore feedback until it is way too late. Par for the course I’m afraid.

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The entire community you say? By this do you mean just you?

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Why would you want rating reqs?

That’s a troll, you should block him


Many different reasons.

Ah I see, so me calling out your made up assertion is trolling. Sorry, but your opinion does not represent the entire community. Blizzard should listen to the entire community, not just you.

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this guy RWT or piloted for r1. 1800 s5


Nobody cares OP, RDF when?

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this the 1st blue post since ulduar release? lol rdf pls


Im confused. Did the percentages get changed or something? I am not sure what this is addressing.

They added in MMR inflation to help lower players get rating for gear.

Somehow, we have half the spots available for titles this season as last season. As they are % based, this means half the arena ladder quit and didn’t bother playing this season.

The blue post in the OP is incorrectly implying the community is concerned with how high of a rating you need to achieve titles this season, and gives us the inflation was the reason why.

In actuality, the rating increase is well understood. It that the amount of available spots for titles is less than half compared to last season. That is what the community is in an uproar about. We have never seen such a drop in player participation in WoWs history, retail included.


Hey. That’s not true. I enjoy 2’s with my rl friend even tho we stuck at 1600

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I’m happy you’re having fun, but you’d have more fun if you could buy the helmet shoulders and weapon yeah?

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I just wanna know if they preg pallys/ frost mage comps are real or bots?