Incorporeal has made me completely rethink all Mythic plus and I hate it

I’ll happily take a renew or rejuv, but my deathstrike and mitigation rotations do more than enough for myself.

Class that has been borderline mandatory for countless encounters for years complains that an affix isn’t for them. More at 11


Just increase the duration of CC’s on incorporeals by an additional 400% and then dk stuns will lock the mob out.

Also let them spawn one at a time but more frequently. It is hard for pugs to call out which add they will get.


Cry me a friggin’ river. I love people complaining about one affix…try playing a hunter my friend. We’re at the bottom of every tier list, meaning it’s hard to get into groups period. Every week. Every affix. Whining about one affix smacks of a lack of perspective.

This will always be a problem until (a) Blizzard stops making mechanics that only certain classes can deal with and/or (b) the stupid WoW community stops being obsessed with the “meta”.

Pretty sure neither of those things is ever going to happen.


Dear god no. You already get people using Hex+Imprison+Para on the same one, but at least all of those are up for every set. Cut the spawn time in half and there’s an actual chance you have “nothing” for it especially if the only person who sees it spawn in Narnia is the one on CD.

I said it once, I’ll say it again. Unless those group are running a mostly warrior/dk, there is no reason to not take them. All it takes is two people with CCs to control the situation. Anyone that thinks that they need some kind of special comp for the run are idiots.

DKs got the poopy end of the stick on the affix for sure.

You need to make some friends to play with, the pug life is no way to live.

that’s usually not a tank job to deal with ghosts

I have 2 spells that take out incorporals. One I don’t even need to talent into. I applied for a bunch of 11s & 12s over the weekend. I think about 30 (all the same dungeon) and I got invited to 1. It’s not the ability to address affixes it’s the amount of DPS players also applying for those dungeons. The affix is an excuse because we don’t want to be one of many but the one.


This really seems like another “make your own group” issue.

Literally only takes 2 people max to handle every Incorp.

That leaves 3 spots for literally anyone, dks, wars, ect.

You could quite literally have 3 dks in the group and manage Incorp just fine.

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I love this affix.

Run your own keys or trade chat/lfg/guild/friends.

Some nights ill run 2 or 3 11+ back to back to back and then get declined for the remainder of the night.

Its time of day, meta AND you are a dk tank. They get a bit of bad rep atm for spiking too much. (We heroic raid with one. I think its fine but its just me)

Everyoke eants a paladin tank.

I understand I’m posting as a Paladin but yesterday we did a key as a Prot Warrior, we kinda F up and only got a resto druid that could dispell.

We got hit my de debuff only once at 1 stacks and twice at 2 stacks. We did time the key.

This isn’t a bad affix, it’s a bad interpretation by the community.

Oh, same.
“but u can watch runic power!!!” yeah, but it doesn’t make it less stressful…

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All three new affixes are practically free. If you or your groups are having issues, then it sounds like you’re not ready for those key levels anyway, regardless of affix.

The past 2 weeks have been free for me basically so i like it . I did a 10 Neth lair with a pug from Azralon last night and we timed with 10 min left. I like the affixs that make the entire group participate rather than 1 player .

Like when explosive was a "healer job " … i hated that week when i pugged .

DKs can now use Control Undead on Incorporeal, and if they absolutely have to, they can use death coil to heal Afflicted.

Also, “I’m not being invited to keys so it is definitely the affix” is a false-positive. Competition for DPS slots in M+ pugs is fierce and for every person applying who timed 20s, there’s someone else applying who timed 23-24s or more of them.

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So… While I appreciate your sentiment, you are saying that 15 to 20% of players play warrior or Death Knight? Unless you have some statistics showing this, I call shenanigans and label this post as another attention seeking troll post.

You have to just watch their runic power. Make sure you have your party resource bars turned on. If they run out of runic power they are no longer fine.

Might just replace their health bar with their runic power bar and just heal them when that’s low. :smiley: