Incorporeal has made me completely rethink all Mythic plus and I hate it

I am rendered completely useless. Nobody will invite me to groups despite being in the top of my entire class. Nobody will give me any chance or shot at tanking in any group.

This affix has made my experience in mythic plus miserable, and the thought of any affix completely removing my ability to play the game at all, with no hot fixing at all kills me.

They even doubled down by removing control undead so now we cant even CC them at all as DK. They actively gave us something to use to make us viable then took it away and now I can’t play the game.

Its easy for people saying “It isn’t too bad”, but when I have spent on average about 6 hours a day, for 7 days straight applying for groups after work, only to only have 5 key groups invite me shows how awful this affix is. In a full week of play I got to participate in 5 dungeons.

This affix is awful blizzard, remove it. Anybody that says “this affix isn’t too bad” doesn’t have to deal with being segregated out of all mythic plus content.


It’s not the affix that’s ruined your week it’s the idiot community who read m+ meta comps on Wowhead and then decide to only ever invite those classes to there keys. There is nothing wrong with the affix and honestly I like that it’s something engaging and simple I lose 1 - 2 gcds every once and a while. Honestly the only advice here is stop pugging find some kind of community to connect with a few people and work as a team


Someone invite this magna [censored] laude DK to a group…

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If the affix forces the community to follow comp designs on wowhead then that is a pure design failure from blizzard because that means anyone not in that comp gets discluded from play.

Taking the percent of DK and Warrior players means that anywhere from 15 to 20 percent of the playerbase is removed from participation. Thats a design failure.


The meta-chasing is at an all-time high, and this kind of design only enforces that sort of behavior, and I too, hate it.

It sucks not being able to play the damned game because of community perception, regardless of if it is true or not- they need to do some big nerfs imo, just let people play what they want to play, while also being competitive.

It’d also probably bring people to play healers again.


They’ve done at least 6 keys this week, so somebody has invited them.

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3 of those keys were mine, all timed level 20s.

I dunno my group pushed to 2600 rating this week using a warrior tank it wasn’t an issue at all there isn’t anything wrong with the affix or the fact some classes don’t deal with it as well as others, only 2 ever spawn at once and a party is 5 members with some specs having 2 or 3 ccs for them if 1 member can’t do it it’s not an issue

If you are curious then go ahead and check my seasonal history this week.

I did thats why I deleted my post, last guy with this argument was bellow 1k, aint doubting your claim anymore.

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I am still either getting insta declined or expired applications, to an insane degree i dont even get if i played other classes, specs, or levels.

Unless you are playing a meta spec that like mdi teams use your going to have a hard time pugging regardless. It’s the wow community they go online someone says “these are the best m+ specs” then they refuse to invite outside of that meta regardless of io, I’m a ~2600(2 points short) ret paladin that gets instant declines from +12s

I’ll just admit that when healing, a DK popping into the list… isn’t my first choice. It isn’t because of the meta, it’s because of the 10.1 changes.

Healing DKs has always been… interesting, but fine. Since the patch though (with the HP / damage / non-healer healing changes), healing in general has been somewhat nerve wracking, and adding to that the 100 → 20 → 100 → 20 (are they still fine?) → 100 (guess so) → 20 (probably fine) → 0 (I guess not) gameplay just stresses me out. I know every Blood DK out there will probably hate me for saying this, but I kind of wish they’d smooth out your intake a bit.

Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if there is an add on that shows the tank HP overlaid with current DS potential? Wouldn’t stop a bad DK from not doing anything even with a fat DS in the chamber, but at least I’d have something more visually useful to me regarding their actual state, and have a better idea when they actually need me vs it being business as usual.


There is a healer addon for blood dk’s that you can get. it tracks their CD on death strike and their total runic power store as that tells you when or if they can heal themselves or not.


Hmm, I’ll have to try that and find a victim to test it out.

A good blood dk doesn’t need healing. My buddy is usually my healer, they play resto druid. I have over 90% healing taken from myself because my healers legit don’t heal me at all and I openly tell them not to heal me in groups.

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Can definitely backfire / there is a limit, but while you’re doing easy keys you’re not really going to find it.

I am usually doing 18s through 21s for reference.

Yeah you won’t find the limit there then, id just also be hesitant to trust a dk tanking an 18 when they say don’t heal me.

Yeah… maybe it’s because I tend to float around the 15-16 region (and usually pug), but I’ve watched one too many do their HP bouncing until mid-pack one of those bounces is 100 → floor paste.

Probably weren’t great DKs, but that also makes it feel like a touch more leeway built in might not be the worst idea. :dracthyr_shrug: