[Incendius] PvP US EAST Official Discord

Its cool to see people using the discord as a sort of LFG tool!

Come one, come all! Join the Incendius Discord server!


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Incendius Gang!

Why are there so many “official” realm Discords and how did they appear so rapidly before the game even came out? Could there be something to be gained? :thinking:

Incendius might be a Pacific server. The main website lists Incendius as Pacific (Bigglesworth as Eastern), while only a single news post lists Incendius as Eastern.

Currently there is only one place where it says pacific, in that same place they also have inconsistancy with how the formatted it showing me it was done quickly. They go from
Eastern Time
Pacific Time
Pacific Time
to just

Also here are 2 posts showing east

As the author of that post, I’d like you to know I made that under the assumption that the forum post was correct at the time. I’ve reached out on twitter to see if we can get clarification and will update the post when or if that happens.

Ultimately I’ll update it on the 26th if nothing changes once the server actually goes live at 10am pst.

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It seems like the past week or two has been one big game of Capture The Flag to be the first to set up shop as one of these “official” Discords, but I can’t think of any tangible in game benefit to being the owner(s) of such a community ? Surely, this is done out of a sense of altruism.

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As I cannot speak on any of the other discords, I can speak on the one that I am helping manage, We are not looking for any gain from this, we in-fact decided to make this so that the discord was run by a single guild, None of the admins have actually joined a guild yet, although we are all experienced with TBC Raiding and WOTLK raiding, we have a very unbias opinion on any of the issues.

We have only had to ban 2 spammers and there has not been any “guild fights” and we are hoping to keep it peaceful

But there is no donation / payment or advertising system for our discord, you can nitro boost the discord which does help increase the quality of the voice channels, but there is no gain from doing so other than discord nitro + the purple name that discord manually gives you

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15 friends and I will be going to Incendius!

Alliance side! cya there!


I am ALMOST worried there will be more Alliance then horde!



Join us, you beautiful people! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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East Coast Proven! Check the GM reply in our announcements!


I joined as well! #IncendiusGang I will be playing alliance as a dwarf priest, see yall in game soon :slight_smile:

Ps: Aug. 26th (Monday) at 1pm EST character creation opens. Then it’s go time!


Woowoo #Incendiusgang - So happy to be on this server with some great guildies. Should be lots of fun, and really enjoying the Discord community built so far. We’ll be rolling Alliance!


yo yo - Yoursoezpk horde warlock checkin in, lets rip it up boyz

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Come check out our awesome custom emotes in discord!

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Wouldn’t recommend it. Just seems like a repeat of all the other discord servers.


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Asmongold is playing on this realm if he has login ques on launch would not recommend this realm.

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What would you not recommend about it?

Did he say this on stream?