Incendius / Bigglesworth EDT/PDT?!

I am confused.
Is Incendius East or West coast?
Is Bigglesworth East or West coast?

Honestly I think Blizzard is confused too…
Opposing points of view - check them out.

Says one thing in one place and another in the other place… O.o?

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also has
Bigglesworth Pacific
Incendius Eastern

I would go thats the correct way

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This has already been resolved. The Blue Post Showing Incendius as East and the Biggles as West is correct.

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Thank you guys.

My support ticket from today was answered that the most recent post of it should be accurate aka incendius est and biggles pst

Where was this answered I can’t find it.

Howdy Derrick!

This is your friendly neighborhood Game Master Lograldon. I am sorry to hear that there was some confusion regarding a recent announcement!

The information about new realm locations should be correct in the forum post here:

I hope this addresses all the concerns you had today. Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist with!