Incarn:Chosen of Elune not changing Zandalari moonkin form

My Zandalari troll’s moonkin form is not changing appearance while Incarn is active. Just a blue glowing puddle at my feet. On wowhead it says there should be armor and a headdress while in improved moonkin form. Anyone else notice this?


It’s working fine for me.

Are you sure you have it talented? You might be confusing Celestial Alignment for Incarnation.

No, I just tested it again and Incarn replaces Celestial Alignment and I def have Incarn talented. Just a blue puddle…weird. Are you a Zandalari troll? I think it might specifically be not working for them.

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That’s weird.

Hopefully someone else can share their experience if they’ve had this same issue before.

Nope, Night elf.

Same thing with Kul Tiran druids - just get the blue puddle. I think the armor graphics only work for original boomy form.

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According to wowhead, there is a model with an armored Zandalari moonkin form specifically for this. So the model exists. Curious if it was ever implemented…

yeah my night elf is doing the same thing. just a blue puddle on my night elf

i found the bug. Armored improved moonkin form while under the effect of Incarnation: Chosen of Elune is not displaying if you talent into Orbital Strike. If you talent out of it, you see your chicken armor.


Thanks for the update! Hope Blizzard fixes this soon. That upgraded form is the main reason I have a Zandalari moonkin.