Inactive Account/Character?



I was wondering if someone could help. I recently downloaded PTR and had a whole ordeal happen (rather not get into it) but I am FINALLY able to get in, pick a realm and copy my characters. Only problem is it says my account is inactive and I need to update it? Even though I have an account and I play WoW regularly? Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Also, whenever I try to enter the game or click anything it says I need to “reactivate” my account?


Im having the same problem if anyone knows anything please we need help lol fr tho n the gms don’t support it so idk what im suppose to do


Trust me you’re not alone and like Exodarr above me said, not seeing anyone who knows anything and since you can’t do anything with anyone above lvl 20, not exactly certain what to do


Also having this issue still, I made a ticket and the gm removed my ptr licenses hoping that would help, but the new ones I made had the same issue.

(Itzali) #5

We have taken a look at the servers and it appears that we have resolved the issue. Can you please retest and let us know if you continue to encounter the WOW51900309 error?