In search of the atomosphere

Before I ask the question, I’ll explain the nature of my little problem.
I remember the times when there was no crossover with pleasant nostalgia, for me it’s one of the things I loved World of Warcraft for.
When each game world had its own history, its own community, its own events, which in most cases did not go beyond the limits of one game world, you could choose a community to your liking or run away from some unpleasant to you collect.
I ask knowledgeable players to list clusters of game worlds that do not overlap with each other.
Here’s an example:
First Cluster: Butterfly World, Raccoon World, SEAL World
Second Cluster: Giraffe World, Elephant World, Behemoth World

I want my characters to be on different, really different game worlds.
Thank you for your attention, I hope I can get some help.

PS: I found a page from Blizzard with a list of merged worlds, but the information on it is outdated.

I r confused.


If you go to the main forums page, it lists all realm forums and shows which ones are Connected.

Are you trying to ask for a server that doesn’t share a shard with any other server?

I do not know if such a server exists these days. But if it does, it will be any of the RP realms. I’m unsure of the RP realm rules regarding cross-realm and sharding.

RP realms have CRZ with other RP realms. There’s no sharding in older zones, but there is sharding in newer zones.

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When worlds are written with a comma, does that mean they’re in the Cluster? If so, I’m not paying attention, sorry.

If you are looking for the Blood Death Knight faerie wing world just look me up. It’s kinda like the tooth fairy but different.

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It says my game world Proudmoore is not in the cluster… But it is! I see players from other game worlds, which means I can’t trust this information, which is very sad.

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Yes, that means they are Connected as if they were one server

Thst is Crozz Realm Zone technology and you can’t escape that.

Can someone translate the OP’s question into something we all understand?
I’m not aware of clusters of Giraffe worlds, Elephant worlds etc.


I apologize that my example was very complicated for you, I probably didn’t correctly explain what I needed before giving an example, in the first half of the post. The point is that I would like to know what worlds are between each other in the cluster, and this example is a sample of how I should put them in the answers.
But! It has already been pointed out to me that in the list of game worlds, on the forum, that’s exactly what they are listed as.
The issue has already been resolved, thank you.
I apologize again, I don’t know English and am using translation aids from my native language.

Ok, I understand.

I understood it, I think (is what I meant). They’re looking for a server that isn’t Connected and doesn’t have CRZ. Which doesn’t exist.