In Development: Guardians of the Dream

Wow y’all REALLY hate night elves. Their new tree is already under assault and not even available as a player city… lmao…

plus blood elf customisation? can you give blood elf love a break for 10 seconds and pick any other race. Many of the allied races still si gnificantly lack customisation.


It’s not that I’m against Bloodelf Customizations, I’m just concerned that it made the shortlist for top 10 reasons to play 10.2

Why on earth would it be a player city?

To replace the old one they d estroyed for the lu lz?

Because they promised it would be?


Dammit now I cant unsee that

PTR notes are up.

This is just a typo and I am not missing something right?

Edit: As others have pointed out below, the 4 talent trees is likely the class, and 3 spec trees, not four spec trees that I had mistakenly read it as, as interesting as that may have been.


Yay. Merithra finally got a unique model.



To be fair, that might mean “base Rogue + 3 spec trees”


So the Night Elves must watch their tree burn down a second time?

Luckily I don’t give two monkeys about world trees, but for people who are die hard fans of Night Elves, this is probably gonna not go down well.

Still at least the Horde didn’t do it this time :slight_smile:

As Zigstur mentioned, I’m hoping that the new customizations are for Male Blood elves as female Blood Elves get more attention than every other race combined…ugh!

vulpera moonkin


Blood Elves are gonna end up with more options for hair style/color than races like Kul Tirans and Vulpera have across their entire creator.

Zandalari will still be slightly above water due to us getting the Darkspear hair colors earlier in the expansion. Dark Irons might be in the same category thanks to their tiny hair/skin updates.


So I say months and months ago… “Hey let’s get off Night Elves, Tyrande, druids and everything associated with them” and personally the only thing I want to hear about for Druids is when it opens up all races to this class. That’s my only interest here which this would’ve been a good patch to drop that btw. (Open all races to the class) Anyways they end up doubling down on the Night Elfism, instead of listening but I guess they are listening to others is all I can think of… :dracthyr_shrug:

This. This is a thing. I am in the boat if elements are strong theme this expansion… can they actually embrace that and characters associated with it. Instead of branching off into irrelevant matters…

More currencies yay!!
Reskinned public events yay!!
Another Renown faction to grind yay!!
More rares to kill yay!!

Thanks for the great content Blizzard, this is amazing. Just kidding, I’ll be playing ICC again I guess.

Blizzard. BLIZZARD. You can’t just grab at my heartstrings like this.

Spoilers for upcoming lil fella


Maybe they are finally giving Rogues guns?

I want my Druid to look like a walrus and fly around breathing fire

There was a whole story line about it. Even Elune was involved. She never gets involved. Being aloof and distant is her schtick.

They mean the Class Tree and Three Spec Trees. Four in total.

Fyrakk looks so cute, I don’t want to fight him, I want to pat him. Can you please do a mini fyrakk pet?