In Development: Fury Incarnate

Nice. Doesn’t sound interesting but whatever.

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It’s existence is celebratory in itself. Denying others is nothing more petty than to actively prevent someone to play with the same toys as you because they look wrong.

I will be honest, it’s just a light version of the warfront armor set for now and it’s unsatisfying.

The general request is a perfect replica of the wow vanilla cinematic outfit:

I see that the dev team is trying to come close but…i don’t know… it’s like they are affraid to do it.
If i have to take a guess, i suspect a certain form of puritanism to make an armor that cover some parts of the body.

To hell with that IF this is the case:
Give the players what they want when it comes to cosmetics and what they want is the perfect replica of something the oldest players wished to wear on their character since Vanilla.

Don’t add unecessaries stuffs like the modern mindset and you will see the Night elves players being happy of something from the dev team since the narrative disaster that is Tel drassil.

Just do a perfect replica, sound simple isn’t it?


The new markings night elves are getting are Tyrande night warrior tattoos right? If it’s not i will be extremely disappointed.

Also to comment on the subject though we’ve yet to see it, please blizzard and I say that deeply please don’t mess up the night elf heritage set make it awesome.

Real question is how many more currencies you guys are going to shove down the players throats before this expansion ends :crazy_face: :popcorn: Oh Troll heritage when?

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I don’t want a perfect replica of that for our heritage armor.

I wouldn’t mind if we got that too, but the datamined version is vastly superior to what amounts to a purple bikini. I want actual detailing and armor.


You’re ridiculous. The datamined set shows a ton of skin. Get out of here with that culture war garbage.

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Yes I agree I want Dark
spear Trolls as well hope they make it Voodoo like and such.


Can we please get some new Kul’tiran customizations?! They have been woefully neglected.


I was beginning to worry I was literally the only person who likes Calia. Sure, I’d prefer to stay with a Sylvanas who’s character hadn’t been tanked, but I like the aesthetic Calia can mix in with the forsaken culture and the story we’ve had with her so far. I also appreciate how they did the best they could to use Derek and Calia to give us back somwthing akin to Sylvanas and Nathanos before the Afrasiabi fiasco.

Yes I’d like some belly options.


Can’t wait!!! So stoked for the Forsaken Heritage Gear!!! Finally! And I’m so excited for the night elven heritage gear too! Definitely can’t wear it on my new Forsaken rogue when it releases! 🩶:bow_and_arrow::black_heart::skull::headstone::bat:

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This update cadence is rejuvinating my soul. Not only are we getting a boat load of content, but the content we’re getting is good. Really good.

Updates are quick, fixes and balances are snappy, new features like Trading Post are making the game all the better.

Dragonflight really is going to end up being up there with MoP and Legion for best of the best

(not counting PvP though lol)


Yes please! On top of more hair styles, colors, beards and stuff, skinny Kul Tiran would be awesome. And, I know it’s a stretch, but maybe some Vrykul-like body type for them? Pretty please? :point_right: :point_left:

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We. Are. Forsaken.

I’ll start. How dare them make me wait a few months!

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Dream surges sound like the same low effort content that has been recycled since pre-patch.

Are we going to get anything besides tag boss in open world for loot?

Not impress
DH, hunter, Monk and rogue all need rework but no mention of that while look at how many rework some of the class have gotten already.

Blizzard is killing it with these rapid-fire updates. It’s phenomenal.

I’m honestly most excited about the man’ari customization, though. And I’m a Horde player.

On the point of the Draenei quest for the Eredar skin colors, and I’m sorry if this has been asked before, will it be Draenei who can only do this quest, or will it be open to all?

Follow up question, if it is open for all, does it have to be a Draenei to unlock the skin colors?