In Development: Fury Incarnate

Its just a set of janitor’s clothes for them to clean up Tirisfal. The coffin is for their dead homies.

Honestly amusing to be reported for calling out a person for finding an outfit devalued because the “wrong” races use it.

Love the Coffin like thing on the undead heritage armor set that’s sick.


It’s racist . . . to want to keep the Sin’dorei set exclusive to the Sin’dorei . . . ?


It is devalued because the whole point of the set is to be a celebration of that specific race in the game.


As a long time Forsaken player with 900+ game days played on my Forsaken main…I love this. The community of Forsaken players and main players who I know love this.

The Scouring of Lorderon is the core canon story that founded the Forsaken. Lordaeron has been missing from the Forsaken story in the MMO in big ways, and it is so good to see it finally brought home.

The Forsaken guild I am in, we are celebrating this armor and that it includes the Lordaeron L.

Also, give us upright undead models: Upright Forsaken Models - Overdue Character Customization ✓


Also holding out hope that the Forsaken Paladins pay tribute to the Silverhand of Lordaeron.

Really hoping the plate set for the Forsaken heritage feels like a Forsaken Knight.


There isn’t a plate set - there’s just the one cosmetic set that anyone can wear.

You can always go back and get the Warfront stuff if that’s more your speed though.


So far…I hope they give us different sets. This seems early in development and a lot more is clearly to come. The humans had cloth, plate, etc.

What we see here is clearly a rogue set.

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Undead heritage- something lordoron themed to show thier past… ?
That idea would of been better… but mix old with new


I’ll do a post in the PTR forums about this…Because as warlock I’d like a robe.

Some aspects of this set are similar to the Acolyte unit in WC3


At this point, yes you will make the content, but your incompetent Dev team will not make it’s working properly. They will too busy making sure the raiders and dungeoneers running Mythic+ have working content and will fix all those bugs first, these new events will be bugged for the first week or two.

New future for the Draenei?

I hope that means Red, Orange, Purple, and Obsidian skin tones.


I thought Heritage armor was “one size fits all”.
Googling it, looks more like they gave robes + pants, not different sets for armor types.

I wouldn’t expect significant changes.

It varies by the set it looks like. A few sets have options.

IMHO - options are always the best.

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(waits patiently for normal flying in flappy isles so I can play there again without getting dizzy)



Perffect time to release Night Elf Paladins…just saying.


since we’re getting waves of new cosmetic options, how about upright forsaken/darkspears?


I am okay with this :+1:t4: