In Defense of the Dungeon Finder

You seem perfectly capable of writing in english whats so hard about talking to new people or strangers?

You will never see that person again if they leave for lunch/w/e.

No you may not get instantly teleported to wherever you go. Why go outside or walk anywhere if you can just teleport places? Go outside and smell some flowers, i dont care that you dont have an attention span for longer than 5 minutes thats your own fault.

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I would had been fine without it if they gave us a better tool but they didn’t. Add LFD!!!


Awesome post and completely factual as well.


you sound upset…maybe you should take a break and smell the flowers too?

No. Fight for it now and maybe we can change their minds and they might put it in when ICC hits as it was in retail Wrath.

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Wow, you can see other people’s whispers? Are you the WoW God? Honestly, If they’re exchanging contact info why would anyone do that in party chat?

indeed, this is true.

This is true

No, they said they do not have plans. This means they could plan it later if they wanted to…lol

So what, you can still whisper and make in-server groups, RDF or not. You just know once people don’t HAVE to you’ll get declined because people do not value this interaction enough to let go of convenience. So instead of accepting that, you’d rather everyone be forced to endure it as their sole way of accessing small group content.

Subs didn’t start to drop until a month or so into cata. See the graph in the article.

Forbes Article: Is Activision’s World Of Warcraft Back In the Game? Posted Dec 1, 2014,08:45am EST

Look up “S.A.D” aka Social Anxiety Disorder.

Yeah, my point. The literal peak of wow subs and you couldn’t find a sub-80 leveling dungeon group to save your life. That is MY EXACT POINT! If it was that bad in the original, can you imagine how bad it will be in the re-run?

No rdf does not help small servers.

In fact it has the opposite effect. New player starts wow, lands on a medium pop server. Thinks the game is super convenient and dungeon grinds. Cant afford their spells as dungeons are not a good source of income at all. Has misinterpreted server health comparing it to rdf or lfr. Realizes theres no raid spots on said small server or people willing to teach him. Quits.

You really think this wasnt a cycle that we went through in retail?

Skywall was a medium pop to small server since wow inception. Our server health 100% relied on new content as people leveled all 10 alts in a month with heirloom/enchanted gear and left the early world to die a slow death.

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I’m on Grob and I AM DREADING no RDF… if you’ve seen our Chat channels its a nightmare to read anything you are looking for.

I read none of this we dont want RDf and we are not getting it so there

They have plans to find a new method of introducing the Perky Pug too. Why find another method when RDF was the original source? Because there is no plan to add it later.

RDF is the solution only because of the situation with the group finder they are building. We were kinda of humble laughed at about how the new finder was going to be this amazing tool that will do everything in an amazing fashion. Now, as someone that wants RDF I can say if they actually delivered here and made a really solid group finding tool I would probably just be silent on the matter. Hey, the tool is great… we can roll with this… but…

The truth is the group finder is basically just TBC trash group finder with a few nobs turned. Its not a good tool. It isn’t even that great. It probably will bomb hard on mega servers because of listing over load from people just meme’ing, people just in it to see the LFG channel, people signed up as shaman tank, and then of course people actually looking for a group. On non-mega servers it will just be dead with not enough group lookers. Sure, on launch it will be fine for you but once that month goes by and the window shoppers are gone its going to be a dead zone.

So yeah… make a group making tool that is as good as Blizzard humbled laughed at then we can talk. But time is probably to short at this point. So why not go with what actually works is more the question. Outside of just wanting to be the contrarian to people that want RDF.

yet, they could “make plans” very easily.

Only if nudged in the correct direction. Good thing we have the forums for that.

yes, indeed. Nudging goes both ways too…lol

Can we nudge for some transmog too? Maybe some pet battle! Yeah, lets get every non WotLK feature in there too.

Do you mean with all the other non-wrath features they are putting in? RDF is a wrath feature. The others are not.

That LFG tool isn’t WotLK either.