In Charge of Lore

Who are the main people in charge of Warcraft lore at Blizzard?


I feel this is a vaguely threatening question. I’m not sure though. Some guys on Twitter I guess.


Who is your manager?


I think you mean, “who is”. I am.

I’m just curious I don’t really know who came after Metzen.


I just call them “The Incompetence”.


Even the Black Harvest dare not invoke such names from the ancient texts.


It be interesting to see the person in charge for real, just randomly pop up with his/her avatar as say: I am! :sweat_smile:

Just to see how the Story forum blows up. :rofl:

I do believe there is someone leading it, however its my understanding that they have a team of people.
Like said before previously you had jump on twitter to check or read the Closing credits in WoW if they have any, its been a while since I seen them… I guess.

Soooo, idk…
Besides calling them here would be like calling the most powerful Void Lords from the deepest darkest corner of WoW universe, being the creators of the Old Gods who’s many truths and visage would just drive us mad would be unwise! WE ARE NOT READY!
:man_shrugging: :zipper_mouth_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Golden is now a part of it, but only one part of a team.

steve danuser and christie golden i gues

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Its a group of monkeys locked in a closet with typewriters.


The girl reading this

The Actual Head of Writing i think is Alex Afriasaibi (I probably got the name wrong), with Danusar and Golden simply as high ranking members of the lore team. I think Alex reports to Ion, and Ion reports to… Some guy named J Allen Brack according to wikipedia, who probably reports to Bobby Kotick who reports to THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS.


Yeah. J. Allen Brack is the president of Blizzard and Allen Adham the vice president, though their involvement in the actual lore is probably distant.

Ion Hazzikostas is game director, so he’s probably top dog as far as Warcraft specifically. But he came from being encounter design. And usually has commented he needs clarification from the lore team. But probably controls a lot of direction of the game on a broad scale.

Steve Danuser is a senior game designer and narrative designer. Per his twitter, “I make the WoW stories you like—someone else writes those other ones.” After Ion, he probably wields most of the control regarding story decisions and is probably more hands on in that purview.

Christie Golden is a senior writer. She’s said she writes ‘almost all the WoW in-game cutscenes’ as well as other things. Certain books, probably some quests. She seems more just a writer that they take advisement with.

There’s probably a number of other senior, normal, and junior designers and writers that play a part on these teams. But these are the most well known and as far as Ion and Steve, most in control of ultimate decisions as far as I’m aware.


This is great! Thank you!!

I think you mean, WE ARE NOT PREPARED. LOL


You joke but few things make sense with how chaotic, directionless, and contradictory the lore is.

You could take dozens of unrelated, conflicting story strings and have a monkey grab a random fistfull and that’s basically the extent of our storyline lately.

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No one is.

If they have mandated standard they usually throw it to the wind for the sake of shock value as was present during the burning of Teldrassil.

Alex Afrasiabi is the Creative Director and Boss of Danuser and thus makes Lore decisions and has been writing Sylvanas since the very beginning.

Ion decreed Teldrassil burning by the way. He replaced Tom Chilton(who decreed the creation of the Time Travel Plot for WoD) as Game Director. The Game Director gets an idea and the Lore Writers have to follow that idea.

Someone quick: Mention to Ion the fact that Archimonde died on Draenor in the WoD Ending Cutscene then mention the possibility of Archimonde getting the Blank Scroll(from the Lorewalker Short Story) and using it to taunt Velen about what could have been by creating a copy of Past Argus while getting ideas from the various Pandaren stories he had to pass through to get it!

Said Pandaren Stories include(though are probably not limited to) The Maze of Mad Emperor Ku(which involves the Pandaren Capital from before the Sundering) as well as Di Chen and the Desert(involves a Pandarian Desert ruled by a Pandaren Sand Witch who can create Mogu out of the Sands).


I’m glad they cleaned house after the WoD disaster!