In celebration of TBC launch!

In celebration of the TBC launch, Blizzard has decided to shut down the auction house for an entire week for no reason, and then take 24 hours to patch up a game it takes pirates 10 minutes to patch that was already done by the same company 18 years ago.



Sorry, but they aren’t simply patching a game… They’re taking one server and splitting it into two…

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This is not the same game!

There absolutely was a reason for shutting down the AH.


if it was only a patch you might be right but…ya know what? never mind there is no point in trying to explain to you the issues faced with trying to restore a massive database…and besides, Blizz already explained why but I’m guessing you cant be relied upon to actually go look for the blue post that explains the situation…Nerd-rage is out of control Very Extended Maintenance

Excuse my ignorance, but what was the actual reason?

They had to snapshot characters so that you can clone between classic and TBC. Had to shut down AH to prevent duping.

Ah I see. Thank you.

Don’t know anout you guys, but I kinda don’t like a death knight celeberating my games launch…

Gotta get that last minute whining in

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