In B4 flood of horde QQ

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I guess this’ll be the new thread posted every 5 minutes until this is either verified or not.


BGs are cross realm… and the cross-realm “battlegroup” includes ALL servers in that region. PvP and PvE servers will be in the same BG queues.

The overall population across ALL servers is actually pretty close to 50/50.


And? When we smash your scummy Alliance and you quit from bg’s i still wont be crying.


I think they forced themselves to reroll or quit.

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"Hi there, Robert! I’m Game Master Eiliikar. Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment regarding your issue! Our Customer Support team is not part of the development team so we’re unable to comment on any of the dissatisfaction that you’re feeling in regards to the faction imbalance. With Classic, many people now know the game and are min/maxing their experiences and may have rolled Horde because of it. We’re seeing high numbers of Horde across all realms and there really isn’t anything that Customer Support can do to help with this problem since its widespred through all realms. Because our developers are wanting to keep classic as close to the original experience as possible there really isn’t much that we can do at this point. "

Source: Sad Server Transfer News from a GM - #23 by Infectedooz-gurubashi

Imagine being as wrong as Tin is in this thread lmao


This is just how GMs dodge having to do anything (since they can’t) without making the customer unhappy so they can get that good survey. They get no more information than the general public on stuff like this, because they are the lowest tier employee, often times contractors and tend to leak like crazy. You’ll notice the whole aspect of “no paid transfers” was just hours later shot down by the patch notes for tomorrow. So whether Tin is right or wrong, that GM is no more reliable than anyone else on this forum in that regard.


This is verified, I played vanilla and horde que times are terrible and that was when there pretty solid balance, but now… good luck horde, I wouldn’t want to be you. Edit: To be fair, the first couple weeks will be fine, I’m talking purely when the hype dies.


Except every poll, scan of characters, set of logs, etc are showing nearly 50/50 faction balance usually with a small alliance bias. PvP servers are horde-heavy overall. PvE servers are alliance-heavy overall.

The GM is likely incorrect, misspoke, or even mislead the person receiving that email.


But their wasnt xrealm bgs In vanilla… overall faction balance is pretty close to 50/50, so the only way horde q times will be exasperated Is If alliance boycot bgs… which they did a lot back in vanilla lol

alliance av ques were bad too.

on arthas we would que and wait literally hours for a pop.

i think due to the ultra high premade groups that there will be no que .

Guess we’ll see tomorrow! Report back for me, will ya?

You better hope not because then they will still be all over the world ganking while they wait…what better way to pass the time then camp a FP while waiting for que.

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Ganking who? The chad alliance will all be in BGs. Have fun with the guards and honorless targets, I guess?


You tell us. Can you level up in BGs?

So who won’t be in BGs? Who is going to stop the griefs in wpvp? Like you said, all the 60 allies will be in BGs.

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That’s assuming anyone can get past the login boss tomorrow evening. If the realms even come up on schedule.

Right, so enjoy ganking honorless targets. Like I said before.

But hey, look on the bright-side. You seem to be struggling to hit 60 even as horde, I imagine this will help you.

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FYI non 60s aren’t honorless

today you learned

Edit - This is my alt but don’t let that stop you from saying more stupid, wrong things.

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Yep, still not sure what your point is. You can gank the minute alliance population that exists from level 48-59, for minimal honor, while the rest of us will be in BGs. Enjoy!

Edit - Deadtray is scared to post on his main and somehow uses that as a position of defense on the forums.

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Ur right. Might as well just forget bgs and go back to locking down BRM…