Improving my Bear Macro

/cast [noform:1] !Bear Form; [noform:3] !Bear Form;[nogroup][form:5, nocombat] !Prowl;[group] !Bear Form

So the idea is to shift into bear and STAY bear when I’m tanking but I want to be able to shift back and forth between Bear and Cat when I’m solo.

Is there a way to check if your ever not in Bear, to change to Bear?

If you can tell me any other ways to improve upon it also, that’ll help.

If statements are a no go in macros. I could automate my rotation with if statements.

Well, I wasn’t asking for If statements exactly.

I’m thinking like /cast [noform:1] but to check for Bear Form/Cat Form.
But when I try to adjust for that, it’s not toggling

It won’t. There is no condition check as it would be the same as using a if statement.

Not sure what you mean there are no condition checks when Macros literally ARE condition checks, including the one I posted above.

But I got it working for the most part here:
/cast [form:2, nocombat] !Prowl; [combat][form:0/2/3] !Bear Form; [form:1] !Cat Form

Problem is, I can’t stop it from swapping out of Bear during combat.

If I use:
/cast [form:2, nocombat] !Prowl; [combat,form:0/2/3] !Bear Form; [form:1] !Cat Form

If does work though but without the Group conditional, which is what I need it to do.

I’m not familiar with the druid class but I’m guessing the following:

  • Bear Form is form 1
  • cat form is form 2
  • you can’t cast prowl in combat.
  • casting “bear form” when you already are a bear kicks you out of bear
  • same for cat form: if already a cat, casting cat again kicks you out of cat
  • same for prowl, if already in prowl/stealth, casting prowl/stealth again
    kicks you out of stealth.

If last 3 things aren’t true then “!” isn’t needed.

According to prowl’s wowhead description, casting Prowl when not a cat also shifts you into cat form automatically: 1 step prowl, makes you a stealthy kitty even if you are butt-ugly bear.

The [group] option checks if you are in a group (there is also a group:party and group:raid).

So modifying the macro you said works best

/cast [group]!Bear Form;[nocombat] !Prowl; [noform:2] Cat Form; !Bear Form

Again, if you can’t cancel bear, cat or prowl by casting those again when you are bear/cat/stealthy cat, you don’t need the “!”

If you are in a group, always go into Bear (!=don't cancel bear if a bear)
If you are not in a group then 
    if you are not in combat, cast Prowl (!=don't cancel prowl) . 
    Otherwise, become the bear (! = don't cancel bear)

Incorrect. Macros are based on if-then-else condition logic

/cast [option1, andoption2] action1;[option3][oroption4] action2; action3
Is read like this:
If option1 and option2 are both true then do action1
else if option3 is true or option4 is true then do action2
else do action3

If there are no options for an ability or you use empty square brackets [] then that is considered an always true and the ability is cast normally.

Macros are evaluated left-to-right and WoW will attempt to cast the first ability it finds based on the options you specified. If the options tell wow to cast a spell that currently can’t be cast (like casting a non-combat only spell in combat, or its on CD), too bad Wow will still attempt to cast it and the action will fizzle. WoW will not attempt to find a valid ability later in the macro.

In terms of limitations, only conditionals macros support can be tested for and there is a limit of 255 characters. Some addons allow you to do up to 1k characters because that’s actually what the base wow API allows. Also only 1 GCD-triggering ability per macro will be executed.

Some Macro resources,
Full list of conditionals
Most complete list of macro commands I can find,
Explanation of unitid’s
GCD Explained

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Thing about recent changes, “!” doesn’t prevent Toggling of Druid Shapeshifting
Even though it DOES prevent Toggling of Prowl.

And for some reason, Flight Form prevents casting of Prowl directly. So you can’t go directly from Flight Form into stealth. You CAN macro Cat form and Prowl into the same action though to leave flight form and stealth in a single action, but it’s clunky.

It didn’t use to work like this. No idea when it was changed.

You can if you disable the option that prevents casting while flying.

Start of Legion.

I don’t recommend what you’re trying to do for one reason: in a raid situation while off-tanking it’s beneficial to cat-weave (dps in cat form) at times.

For shapeshifting I personally use 2 macros:

Combat forms:

Travel & Utility

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