Improved weapon totems does not give bonus Attack power to other people in the group

So that is correct, but I’m basing this bug report off of looking at my current Attack power gain when I get a WF proc. I should get 409 attack power gain, but only get 315. This is when I’m looking at my character panel. While shamans when they get a WF proc their character panel shows a 409 attack power gain.


It might be different for Shaman. Or it might even be specific to Windfury as that adjust attack power for those swings instead of the way normal buffs work where it’s a constant as long as the buff is active.


Edit: Maybe it’s this bug that was reported on the EU forums?
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Might be a similar bug, still doesn’t explain why people in the group with improved totems doesn’t receive the benefit of the talent. You still get the ap bonus of windfury, but the “Increases the melee attack power bonus of your Windfury Totem by 30%” doesn’t apply to anyone outside of the shaman.

It seems like it’s either

1.) A visual bug on the character panel for the members in the shaman’s group

2.) A gameplay bug where the AP should be applied, but is not applied to the shaman’s group members

3.) This is working as intended, and the talent description is incorrect.

Regardless, this needs some clarification by Blizzard. It seems that 3 is least likely. It is more likely to be a visual bug, which should be fixed, or an actual gameplay bug, which should really really really be fixed immedately.


I have tested this recently as well and can verify that it is not a graphical bug.
IMP weapon totem appears to do nothing for party members and only effects the shaman that has the talent.
Posted tests on WCL that seem to verify no difference in damage from a warrior with and without the imp totem buffs.
Furthermore the character sheet of my character does properly update when I get a WF proc from the totem with +409 AP.
On the warriors character sheet it is still only showing +315AP.

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Update: In collaboration with my guild and inspired by Seonsu’s original post, some testing was done to determine exactly whether imp weapon totems actually improves the AP of the group.

Short answer: Almost surely no. Shamans who are imp totems should respec immediately.

Long answer: We went to Blasted Lands to hit mobs for 10 minutes. We ran a group consisting of 2 warriors, 1 rogue, and 2 shamans, one with imp totems and one without. We first let the shaman with imp totem talent drop WF, and then we proceeded to hit the mob for 10 minutes. We then let the shaman without imp totems drop his WF and then hit the mob for 10 minutes again.

If the AP buff was applied, then we would expect a clear difference in top end damage as a result of the bonus AP of the WF totem. This was not the case. This is actually most clear in Veezi and Freedrakeo’s max damage. (The extra variance in top end damage for the two warriors is most likely the result of Crusader proc. Veezi and Freedrakeo did not have Crusader on their weapon.)

The lack of difference in top end damage gives good evidence that the AP bonus from the talent is not actually conferred onto the group. Thus the character panel is correct when it shows only a 315 AP gain from WF proc. Interestingly though, as Seonsu mentioned earlier, the shaman with 2/2 imp totems does actually see a boost of 409 AP on their character panel. From our testing this boost occurs as long as they have talents in improved totems regardless of whether they are the ones to drop windfury or not. That is why Freedrakeo’s top end damage is the same in both trials. This is corroborated by looking at the shaman’s AP in the character panel.

2/2 Improved Totems top end damage:

0/2 Improved Totems top end damage:

If anyone else cares to test and see if they can replicate, then please post your own findings below.


Excited to find out if the reference client shows that this talent has been broken for all of vanilla too.
Hey Blizz, instead of fixing this, maybe give us a talent replacement.
Here’s a simple idea for a 2 point talent.
Your Windfury’s have a 50/100% chance to restore 30/60 mana.


Ok so I got some more replacement ideas that you can give us instead of this busted talent we have now.

Totemic Coordination :
“While you are under the effect of all four of your totems everyone in the party gains +25 Stamina”
“While you are under the effect of all four of your totems your Stormstrike cannot be blocked, dodged or parried”

Totally balanced, totally fair. Decent design. Hire me Blizz. Lets do this.

Or, you know… Just fix the talent we already have I guess.

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What is the over under on the review being, “not a bug but actually a bug” / “this is how it was on vanilla but not really”.

There is a chance that the talent is Supposed to only give the extra attack power to the shaman, and the wording is poor. So they could say “We’ve fixed the wording of the talent to correctly reflect the intended design”.

Either way, I’ve opened up a bug report in the game client.

Just tested extensively and confirmed that the talent is not working.


It would have to be extremely poorly worded since the tooltip is called “Improved Weapon Totems” and shamans have their own self-cast windfury which is much more powerful.



It’s been 16 days since this was originally posted, AQ has been out for most servers, and we don’t get to take advantage of a 15 year old talent. Makes me wonder what other talents aren’t working as intended.

I’d like to be able to spec into this come saturday after we bang the gong but I guess not… I’m not only upset but also infuriated at the fact I’ve been using this for speed runs for months and it didn’t actually do anything. Waste of gold, waste of time. I feel sorry for all the shamans around the world who are spec’d into this right now.

Let’s get an update blizz


so I have a great one that I am sure EVERY ENH shammy would go Bzorko over:
Enhanced WF:

  1. each WF both initial WF procs have a 5% chance to proc WF again
  2. each WF subsequent WF proc has a 1.5% chance for a 2nd WF proc

SELF procing WF !!! or at least for 2 months so we can see what it would be like.

haven’t found an answer anywhere and both enh sham in my guild are running this. does this talent do anything?

After the documented player testing, why do we still not have an update on this from Blizzard? I’ve been less than impressed with how many aspects of Classic have been handled, and this isn’t exactly helping to restore any faith.

I’d be more than happy with some of the other suggestions in this thread that overhaul the talent, if they can’t pin down a proper fix for some reason. (Of course that would be more work and likely never happen, but we can dream.)

Just want to clarify that we don’t want to introduce new talents to the game, just get the ones that exist to work properly.

Deluge’s post is pretty succinct showing Improved Weapon Totems talent does nothing presently:

Can we get acknowledgment of whether this is a bug / not a bug?

Oh, I completely understand and agree. I just want what I have to function properly, and frankly any sort of talent changes are a separate discussion altogether - I was just more voicing my frustration than anything else.

Just removing the talent and not replacing it with anything would be a fix at this point. At least people won’t be putting points into a completely dead talent.

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All we can do is keep posting here until they hear us.