Improper honor calculations

I sent a ticket over 24 hours ago that my character did not receive proper title or rank and was responded back with " your character did not have enough honor kills for a title…" When I tried to respond to this issues… I could not submit a ticket or get a call back.

The issue is NOT resolved.

A. I had over ONE THOUSAND KILLS IN THE FIRST WEEK. It is clearly visible on my honor tab.
B. I have done pvp since the first week and ZERO honor calculation was done.

I transferred this character from a high pop server to help with balance. That alone was bad enough because I got queued up and left hanging for almost 2 days… now this.

Please look into this matter.

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The forums are not an alternative to a ticket unfortunately.

You should still have the option to re-open your closed ticket and if not, you can open another ticket. Call backs are for Technical Support and Billing though, so that won’t show up as an option for you.


So a few things. If I recall properly there was a post earlier this week with honor not calculating properly for some.players.

If you search my post history you will see it. Going by memory itnis a known issue and I think it said will be resolved with reset. The honor is not lost.

Also, and it could be continuing, there was an issue with tickets this morning.

These could possibly be your two culprits

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That’s correct… but the problem is the representative didn’t know how, couldn’t see it or didn’t bother to check my honor for the first week. If they had it was clearly visible that I had enough honor for at least a few ranks. Furthermore, this throws your ticket back into a queue which has already been 24 hours. The big problem here is when you’re getting ganked on an unbalanced server with no trinket… you’re just a sitting duck. FYI Perl… when you don’t have an alternative because your ticket is unresolved and you cannot submit one this is the ONLY alternative.

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Sadly, it is not an alternative. It will not get seen by anyone that can help.

I can’t answer for the not knowing. If I had not read that thread I would not have known either.

However, unresolved tickets do go I to a seperate queue and are generally responded to much quicker than new tickets.

All that said, if the ticket system is still messed up it could be why you cannot resubmit.

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That’s from the current forum thread on the honor issues in Classic.


When i transferred over it clearly stated that honor would be transferred with your character. You have to be kidding trying to reverse that. There were no transfers in classic… so how can this be the case??? You guys were begging for transfers and I did that to HELP. Now somehow, trying to back track and kill ANY honor or pvp kills from a FULL WEEK of pvp activities is ludicrous. YOUR TRANSFER SHOULD HAVE CLEARLY STATED THAT IF IT WERE THE INTENT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

We’re just players like you. If you want to give feedback on honor in Classic, you need to post in the Classic forums or in the thread I linked.

Yep, the dev replied saying honor won’t be transferred during character migration, only your rank. So if you transferred before the first week ranking you got screwed. I was one of those people. It actually makes some sense why you wouldn’t get it transferred over going from a super full server to a lower pop as PVP is different. They just need to be more straight forward and TELL YOU on the migration page. I would of waited until after the first ranking then moved if this was the case. It straight up says your honor will transfer. A lot of people are transferring currently and there is going to be more people wondering what happened with their lost kills.

Long story short: We wont get it back, they need to be more transparent.

There is NO reason what so ever that they cannot go back and adjust people who transferred … none.

I completely agree this is possible, but if you think they will… think again. This will get swept under the rug and everyone won’t get anything back from the week transferred. Big Sadface.