Impossible to solo old raid (NightHold)

Hi. I just copied a toon to PTR with which I can solo NighHold, but on PTR she struggles with trash and dies to Skorpyron after 30 seconds.

Video on Live server (kill in 2 mins):
Video on PTR (die after 30 secs):

I’m not an expert in DK, but I can kill the boss standing still with no hassle on live server.


pretty sure it was intentional since the new level cap will be 60, not 50. At 60 you’ll be able to solo it


Game is rebalanced around level 60 now. Legion raids, now being two expansions old, will have the legacy debuff applied to them at level 60.

That way you’ll be able to skip your merry way through there in a hellstorm of carnage.


This is dismaying. I’ve only tested outdoor Legion mobs on my 120(50) hunter, but the equivalent power is just miles apart. The mobs in Beta are coming close to killing her and when I “overpulled” I had to run away and feign in order to survive. I could pull the entire Isle of the Watcher on Live and stand in the fire for awhile.

We were promised that whatever we could solo NOW, we’d be able to solo AFTER the squish. I really resent people suggesting that we have to level UP some more for that to be the case again. That is NOT equivalent power. That is definitely a reduction in power and means the squish diminished our abilities (or powered up the mobs…or both.)

I’ve bugged it several times in Beta. I bugged it today and indicated that if this is not a bug and it’s going to be released in this state, I need to stop subscribing. I guess the first step would be changing my six month sub periods to 1 month commitments so that I can bail when the Beta isn’t fixed and they try to slide this past the notice of the player base. Or even have the odd person say it’s intended that we have to re-level to attain just the power we had in the past. That’s not the equivalency of what we have currently. And certainly not what we were assured would happen. If you can solo on Live, you can solo it in Beta & in Shadowlands (and at the same exact levels was absolutely implied.) That promise, in theory, kept me from fearing having 70 levels ripped from my character. In practice, seeing how far from Live the tuning really is, I’m simply dreading Shadowlands and regretting the early purchase.

For 15 years, I have faithfully brushed yak. 15 years.

But this yak bites.


It’s Beta.


Ion just responded on Twitter that they are aware of the problem and they intend on tuning it so that during pre patch at level 50 you will be able to solo what you can at 120. It’s just that tuning isn’t finalized yet.

Now, let the “they shouldn’t respond on Twitter” complaints rip! (Despite the fact that it was only an hour ago)


Ion just replied, on twitter.


It’s not done yet. Relax, they’ll get to it.


I urge people to not have sensationalistic overreactions. The game is still in beta/test-mode.

After only a couple of rough bumps with each squish (which are enormously complex processes), we’ve always ended up being able to solo old content just fine if we could before. Relax.

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Now if they’d respond as to if the old raid gold nerf was intentional…


God this post is embarrassing to read.

Still beta. They always go out of their way to make sure this stuff is soloable. Kinda makes me miss when they didn’t give us that massive damage buff when we tried to solo old raids though.

Except I can do it now… I could do it before corruption… So why would I want my character to become that much weaker?


Because it’s the beginning of a new expansion. You’re not going to have the same power level because not only is there a level squish, but the game is rebalanced around a new max level.

Also, they’re not done tuning yet. So it may just be an issue there.

not true. On live I can get the first boss of mythic emerald nightmare down to around 15-20% before the debuff kills me. On beta at level 60 I can only reach 75%


I’m sure you all know what beta is for yeah? They’ve barely touched tuning, it’ll be fixed. Just relax and don’t get your panties in a twist.

I wish they used the forums to stablish communication. Apparently they stopped using them after the WoD crsisis.

Anyway thanks a lot for sharing the update, at least they’re aware that it’s THEIR fault and not “people not knowing it’s beta”


what you tried was in alpha. You will be able to solo content eventually, and the recent tweet confirms that

After BFA do we still think there’s a difference between beta and what gets released? I don’t anymore.


Update: I received a comment about I was using 2 weapons so I made another video using a Two Handed weapon:

Here it is:

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So, i tried again after today’s new patch to PTR. Got goroth down to 60% on mythic before i died lol.

I’m glad they did some effort to address it, but still not enough. Also first boss of mythic Emerald Nightmare is still unsoloable. She doesnt 1shots me anymore like before but now i can’t kill her. Keep in mind, on a toon(like this one) when i try without corruption pieces equipped i can kill her under 20 seconds with drums+pots+dps cds on live with little trouble, the insta kill at 40 seconds doesnt ever happens to me on live anymore. Meanwhile, the toon with the same gear on PTR is not doing enough damage to kill her before infested mind kicks in and instant kills me(Using everything and its not enough).

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