Imagine if Blizzard combined realms

Imagine if realms were combined, realms that have a major faction imbalance and just be put together.

Take Incendius and Stalagg, Incendius has around 2.4k active Alliance players and Stalagg has around 2.5k active Horde players. Both are US East PvP servers.

I don’t see any problem with the idea, it’ll mean 1 less server for blizzard to deal with, the server won’t be horribly overpopulated, and I don’t think people will notice much of a difference besides the influx of world PvP.

Just a thought though what do you guys think and if Blizzard has done something like this ago I didn’t know.

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They won’t even think about doing anything till TBC is out with new servers. Even then they probably won’t merge servers. Though I do suppose there are some servers with less than like 300players total they could get rid of.

Considering the Horde popuption of Incendius was 54% of the server before Blizard decided to give out free transfers and everybody left. Now it’s less than 5%. I stayed figuring the population would rebuild quickly but it has not and it totally sucks. The AH is a joke and forget putting together a group. Most of the time there are less then 50 people in realm and I play almost every day. Personally I feel betrayed by Blizzard’s unwillingness to put in the effort to keep all of the realms reasonably balanced and full. Makes me miss Nostairius all the more. Just saying.

It’s really crazy, I missed the transfer window because I wasn’t active at the time and come back to a dead realm. It’s unplayable.

Also funny that originally it was me and 4 other friends starting out classic after a while, and one of them chose this realm, all of them except 1 quit and the other one got too busy with other things so they couldn’t really play wow classic that much, and now I’m having more fun playing Shadowlands.

It could be worse. You could have a total of 8 level 60 players online during peak hours, half of which are in BG queues. GL finding people to do a dungeon on Horde side, nevermind a Raid.