Imagine Having the Possibility for Insta queues so we can do BG's and not implementing it

I don’t even get it. Might as well remove BG’s


Seems they’re working on a fix to me.

I know though … the sky is falling … players are leaving in droves … WoW is dying … blizzard doesn’t care … etc, etc.


Blizzard read this post and immediately removed BGs from the game, thank you for this great suggestion.


Soon. 10 characters.

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They could add everything that’s in retail also. Doesn’t mean they should.

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Boohoo my easy mode faction has everything but instant Qs :cry:


im okay with this if i can get honor and marks from arena, arenas are the content i want to do but i need to do bgs to be able to do them effectively

easy mode faction? how is horde easy mode lmfao


Well they have better racials. More players to group with. More competitive players when it comes to BGs. So you know better environment for both pve and pvp. etc easy mode faction.


more players to group with? thats a server pop issue, not a faction issue.
more horde players have always pvp’ed. that doesn’t mean theyre all good.
and the racials thing is just so played out at this point get a better trope. theyre like 55/45.

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Its both Horde have a larger pop and larger populated servers.

Better players roll horde because Horde racials are better. This becomes an exponential issue because better players roll horde because of other players etc etc.

Even the slightest difference matters.

You can easily find 85% ally servers. That’s a moot point.

All the meta players went horde already for arena.

You’re talking about playing the game on ez mode and using situational racials as proof lmao

Horde ARE playing on easy mode. it is charging toward very easy mode thanks to all the crying leading to Bliz smooth braining it with HvH BG


Omg horde can play as many bgs as me now instead of 1/10th the amount

Blizzard is literally giving horde everything!!


Um sir, you character is on a 94% alliance server …

stop being impatient, hordies. HvH BG testing will conclude around January 2022. it’s not that long a wait

At one point Heartseeker was a decent server that wasn’t 100% alliance but that was a long time ago early in Classic’s life. I haven’t played on that server since about a month after classic launched. Sulfuras is where I’ve been for a while

sulfuras is dope

No wonder you’re so jaded towards horde. That server is the opposite.

Being the low faction on an imbalanced server is always going to suck. It has nothing to do with the horde or horde players.

imagine having the possibility to reroll alliance for insta queues so you can BG and not doing it.